The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God

These are the rantings, writings, and other absurdities of The Mighty Bear God of The Wasteland (aka The Wasteland Bear God, Sin, Bear God, MC Bear God, and whatever name he’s rocking with in the episode).
He is the persona of a lost Druid, that has since lost his shape-shifting abilities and rendered him stuck in his mighty bear form. After years of being confined to his cave of worship.
Actually, he just hibernated for way too long. . .but he’ll deny that up and down.
Anyway, he has since been. . .freed. . .by a group of wanderers from the future, believing him to be an ancient relic that can bring about salvation to The Wasteland.
And so it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to. . .THE WASTELAND BEAR GOD!
“Mighty Bear God, you halfwit!”
Shut up, and let me finish.
“Yeah, uh huh, sure. You finish up there, big boy. Don’t forget the towel. Oh, and stop spraying the monitor, will you? It gets hard. . .to see through the taint. . . Heh, see what I did there?”
Why don’t you shut your spreck-hole! I gave you life, I can take it from you! . . .And yes, I can see what you did there.
“You dare threaten the Mighty Bear God?! Such insolence! Such moxie! I think I have a bear boner now. . .”
. . .Yeah, I am just gonna walk away now. Enjoy the series, folks. I’m out. MBG, make your half-ass scribes do this.
“Very well, mortal. I shall take upon the mantle of releasing. . .the final solution upon—”
What the hell is it with you and releasing all over the damn place! Just stick to the damn series, you blue waffle, Kentucky Klondike eating twat basket!
“Oh, I am sorry (I’m not), but I thought your MAJESTY cunt nugget supreme had left, because they couldn’t do a simple job!”
. . .Your mom was a simple job. . .HEY OH!
“Why you. . .!”


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