The Lodestone Files: The Things in The Shadows (Digital)

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The Lodestone Files [Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination] is a science fiction novelette series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Split into multiple books; these novelettes are bite-sized for the busy reader of today.

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Idris Sinclair lives a rather typical life; helping his family run their cherished diner. However, all the normalness he knows in life is about to go straight out the window when he happens to break into an abandoned van in the restaurant’s parking lot. He discovers a small weapon’s stockpile and various files, involving affairs foreign to him.

As night begins to set in, the family is involved in one of our government’s most heinous and dastardly secrets involving entities, not of this world.

It walks among us. It could be anyone—or anything. Suspect everyone you know, or you pass on the street. There is nowhere where you are safe. Run all you want; it will only make you taste more delicious to it.

It’s too late. It already knows where you are.

It’s. Here.


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