The Lodestone Files: The Cat, The Mouse, and The Thing From Another World (Paperback)

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The Lodestone Files [Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination] is a science fiction novelette series by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Split into multiple books; these novelettes are bite-sized for the busy reader of today.

This particular novelette is book number two in the series (The Cat, The Mouse, and The Thing From Another World).

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What would you do?

Life had been rather normal up until that miserable night. Idris and Cal are on the run from the government, and an alien. After witnessing their small town, Lodestone, get wiped out, and the loss of their family, the boys need to keep moving with no time to grieve. With the help of a strange drunkard named Mac, they may just live.

Hot on their trail is the secret government agent, Murdoch, who is tasked with making sure that are no survivors or evidence could otherwise jeopardize the very confidential agreement between two worlds.

Elsewhere, the alien that has taken on the form of James has begun to carry out his plans for Earth and humankind’s extinction. Earth, as it seems, is in due for overwhelming destruction with no hope for humanity’s survival in this elaborate game of cat and mouse.

So, what would you do?


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