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The Lodestone Files: The Things in the Shadows

(Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination Book 1)


Idris Sinclair lives a rather typical life; helping his family run their cherished diner. However, all the normalness he knows in life is about to go straight out the window when he happens to break into an abandoned van in the restaurant’s parking lot. He discovers a small weapon’s stockpile and various files, involving affairs foreign to him.
As night begins to set in, the family is involved in one of our government’s most heinous and dastardly secrets involving entities, not of this world.
It walks among us. It could be anyone—or anything. Suspect everyone you know, or you pass on the street. There is nowhere where you are safe. Run all you want; it will only make you taste more delicious to it.
It’s too late. It already knows where you are.
It’s. Here.

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Kindle Edition: The Lodestone Files: The Things in the Shadows (Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination Book 1)


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The Lodestone Files: The Cat, The Mouse, and The Thing From Another World

(Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination Book 2)

The Lodestone Files: The Cat, The Mouse, and The Thing From Another World Title Cover  Description:

What would you do?

Life had been rather normal up until that miserable night. Idris and Cal are on the run from the government, and an alien. After witnessing their small town, Lodestone, get wiped out, and the loss of their family, the boys need to keep moving with no time to grieve. With the help of a strange drunkard named Mac, they may just live.

Hot on their trail is the secret government agent, Murdoch, who is tasked with making sure that are no survivors or evidence could otherwise jeopardize the very confidential agreement between two worlds.

Elsewhere, the alien that has taken on the form of James has begun to carry out his plans for Earth and humankind’s extinction. Earth, as it seems, is in due for overwhelming destruction with no hope for humanity’s survival in this elaborate game of cat and mouse.

So, what would you do?

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Abnormal Side Effects

Abnormal Side Effects Book Cover


Suicide, depression, anxiety, bullying, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and more. These are all the abnormal side effects of life. We have warning labels on just about anything nowadays. Almost…but life.
“Abnormal Side Effects” is an anthology written by Robert J. S. T. McCartney. Society prefers to drown out many of these as a lesser matter of concern. Instead, they push the lives of celebrities in our faces, promote unhealthy habits, demoralize and desensitize us. Some people encourage others that are in need of help and are suicidal, that “they should just kill themselves,” and more absurdities.
Many of the following stories take into account depression, family issues, trauma, bullying, and other subjects that go on every day in our lives. While these matters may be taboo to people on the street, society typically turns a blind eye and even goes so far as to further shame and shun those that break from the definition of what we regard as normal.
Each tale offers a unique vision to the reader. You will explore just an inkling of the many side effects one experiences in life. Something that so many people do, on a daily basis. Through the highs and the lows; some tellings may be more disturbing than others, but rest assured, this is just a clinical study. There are no consequences of your actions here.
Now…it’s time to take a dose of reality.
WARNING: Life is real.

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Kindle Edition: Abnormal Side Effects


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The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal

Bob was just a regular guy. He had a wife, kids, a home, a well-paying job. He had a lot of good times in life. However, Bob had a lot of things wrong with him. . .
Anxiety, depression, suicide fantasies, murder fantasies—there’s not much that wasn’t right with him. Then, one day Bob killed himself. The End.
Bob wakes up to find himself alive in the comfort of his own home. He then begins to practice his newfound “power” by practicing becoming a chronic suicidal: a suicidal individual who kills themselves repetitively due to the want or need or “itch.” An impulsive and compulsive individual with the desire to kill themselves regularly.
However, Bob goes through changes in the chronicling of his misadventures of suicidal experiences—something. . .he was not expecting to experience.

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The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God [Season One]