The A.B.Normal Philosophy

Writing is anything and everything you can imagine.

Let your imagination flow, along with the destruction (or rebuilding of civilization), break the law (or be it). Delve deep into your dreams, your nightmares, your fears, and whatever it is that makes you happy. Let your thoughts flow, and put them on any medium you deem worthy to share with the world. You can try to be normal, conform, or you can honestly be yourself.

“Be anything. . .but normal.”

My goal is to bridge the gap between authors, their readers, and publishers. While, ideally, I don’t want to stop there and continue to film, music and other arts, I will do one step at a time.

This site is a sanctuary, if you will, of the bizarre, the strange, asinine. To invoke thoughts, conversation, push the envelope, and more. So many of us hide in a shell, molded to be something which does not feel “comfortable” to us, and are led to believe that if we are different, we are wrong or are doing wrong.

We are currently not accepting any submissions for 2018.

Deadline: 2/30/2018

I do not want aspiring folks to feel discouraged or disheartened. Follow your passion, pursue it, and do not stop trying.

Why be someone, or something you do not feel comfortable being? Don’t be ordinary, be strange, be crazy, be bizarre, be different. Be anything. . .but normal.