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➤Check the Steam page for our NEW GAME!
Thanks to all of your support, we and our developers at Action Panel have been able to produce Super Knockoff! VS! The game will be coming to Steam soon! Stay Subbed for more updates!

Please enjoy our first trailer featuring four of our characters!


It’s an all-out clash between the greatest manga icons of 1999! Use your magic, energy, sporting goods, ninja tools, and more to destroy the ground beneath your friends and foes! Featuring a star-studded roster, this is the battle of the millennium!

• Play as your favorite, legendary manga characters!
• They’re all fully-voiced, too!
• Blast through stages with destructible terrain!
• Knock off the competition in 2-to-4 player battles!
• Master an arsenal of weaponry!
• Believe in the power of friendship!

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