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Master the Divine Game with Ace Carder, the gaming prodigy! Summon helpful creatures from your Grandma’s deck and seal victory! With his powerful zoning, lure your opponents into your Mysteries! The legacy character that started it all, Future Child C͜osm͡o̧! W̷ith̕ ͏h̀i͘s̴ f̶ínger las͡er̡s̨ a͜nd p̧owe͜r ̕of f͢l̷i̡ght҉, rèl͢iv̀e ̛t͢h̕e ͏glory̴ ̸days͡ o̢f ḿa͏ǹg̕a!̴ H͞òw͞ ̷w̨i̛ll͠ oùr̵ fav͘or҉i̧te ̸h̢er̢o h́àndle the͡ f̧u̷ture?̡!̡

Thanks to all of your support, we and our developers at Action Panel have been able to produce Super Knockoff! VS! The game will be coming to Steam soon! Stay Subbed for more updates!

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