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Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle: Final Excerpt (On Sale 6/21/18)

Hey folks.

Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle is coming out on June 21, 2018 (6/21/18) with plenty of changes. As such, I wanted to share a final excerpt from the tale. I hope you enjoy it! Remember, you can pre-order it now in paperback here. Kindle versions will be available after release. Use coupon code PREORDER2018 to receive a 10% discount.

I wish you all well and thanks for reading.

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NOTE: The format is not a representation of the final product. It appears different and all shiny in the actual product. 😉






IT WAS LATE EVENING. The sun had already descended under the horizon. The stars had bloomed in the twilight and were sparkling like diamonds. The moon had also risen high above, offering a silver sliver of soft, majestic light to the world below. The only disturbance in the silence was the rustling of grass under Lynaly’s feet as she approached the hill that overlooked Middleton. She slowly sat upon the lone boulder, and a black shadow leaped out of the darkness, planting itself on her lap. She cradled the small beast.

Lynaly looked down at Sheila. The cat’s eyes were clenched shut in pure pleasure as it purred. “You can sense it, can’t you, my sweet?” she muttered.

A meow escaped the little beast’s maw as it slowly opened its majestic golden eyes and gazed upward to its queen. A smile crept across Lynaly’s face, and she continued to stroke Sheila’s back. She looked down upon Middleton, waiting, patient as a fisherman.

“Soon, we will.” Lynaly fixated on a location only known to her.

“Do you think he knows yet?” A disembodied male voice echoed in Lynaly’s mind.

“Perhaps—because of that flea,” she replied, annoyed. “It’s of no importance, for he will become mine.” Lynaly’s grin glowed faintly under the moon’s soft light. She picked up Sheila and looked her in the eyes. “Soon we will have all the pieces. However, you will do another task for me.” She stared deeper into Sheila’s eyes. “This will be your last task. Complete it and return to me. Soon you’ll be whole.”

The cat gave a light bob of its head. Lynaly placed the beast back onto her lap, where she ran her fingers down Sheila’s back.

The golden eyes closed again. “Yes, my queen, as you say.” Lynaly grinned again in the night’s deathly light.



Deluxe cover for "Lilah's Guide to Hoyle."
“What hand has life dealt you? Let’s check. . .”

“All life is a gamble. . . We go to sleep every night comfortably betting that the next day we’ll wake up.”

Demons. Sorcery. Magical playing cards.

It’s anything but a fairy tale. Armed with her choice deck, her beloved book, Hoyle’s Guide to Poker and Parlor Tricks, and the skill that led her to throw away her college fund, gambles with her life—and with the lives of those around her.

Elsewhere, other players have a different idea of the rules of the game. And investigating the bizarre chain of events is Middleton PD’s finest, Detectives Dana Deupree and Walter Conway.

It’s anyone’s game. The cards have been shuffled, and the stakes are high. The call has gone around the table. Others may fold, but not Lilah.

She plays for keeps.

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