Free Until 11/3 – Lilah's Guide to Hoyle.

Hey, folks.
There’s a lot going on this week; personally and professionally.
First, the missus and I are celebrating 10 years of mischief and leveling together. Yay us!
I’m also going to be covering BlizzCon 2017 and documenting a first time experience.
Next up, a free book until November 3rd. That’s right, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle will be running free until then.
I also wanted to remind you of Awake, Asleep, Dreaming by John Siwicki is free. It’s a thought-provoking psychological thriller that will make you question life.
There’s also the British crime tale with an American twist, Driven to Death by Elleby Harper for only $0.99.
Don’t miss out on some incredible treats!
Wishing you all a happy Halloween. Be safe.
Until next time,

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