Nearby, a radio seemed to call out for him. “If you’re listening… You need to dig deep… to rise up.”
War noted the familiarity one the voice that crackled over the airwaves. “Nightwalker…” he grunted.


Johnny stood before a video camera. One that broadcasted around the world. To all the eyes that remained behind. They all watched eagerly.
“You are scared, I know. I was too… I used to think I was alone after my best friend died. But then I found out things… horrible things. My friends, there exists an organization named the Agency. Its sole purpose is to take children, animals; lab creations, where people are given powers. Powers over animals, technology, people, and more. They abduct, destroy lives, wreck homes, and sell their creations to the highest bidder. Governments around the world use these “super soldiers” all in the name of profit.
I am one of those super soldiers. My friend was killed and made to look like a suicide. My father was one of the lead researchers… his sins are many… but he made me… to help right the wrong. He paid the ultimate sacrifice to help atone… I plan on making sure he, like so many, didn’t die in vain.
I ask you, all of you. Though you are afraid, I will guide you through the darkness—through this calamity. We will survive… but I need YOU to stand together with me.”
Johnny’s eyes dropped to the bloodied floor where so many people died at the hands of Pestilence. “We can beat them—all of them, together.”
The ground around Johnny shook. More buildings were toppling.
“I won’t go quietly, nor should you.”


War had reached to his feet. Slowly. He felt a certain pride within.
“Ah, did you find your balls, War?” Omega taunted.
“Just that I know you’ll be beaten is enough of a victory for me,” War smirked.
Omega laughed hysterically. “By whom? Look around you, fool. You’ve done the legwork and the wet work! That puny boy is of no concern to me.”
War grinned as he took a knee. For then, Death and Famine appeared.
“We are with you, brother,” they both said.
Death illuminated a bloody aura. The ground around him was drained of life, leaving behind only black and gray.
“You’ll pay, Omega,” Death snarled.
Omega folded his arms. “You’ve all been so gracious to come to me. This really is too sweet. I may just give you all a quick death after all.”
War focused on his thoughts and his person of interest.
Nightwalker… I’ve heard your message. I—I wish to help right the wrong I and my brothers have committed.
War looked around for the boy, but only found the hulking Omega.
“Haha… praying to your god, War? I thought you were strong. That you had no weakness.”
War dropped his gaze to the ground. And then…
“No… just buying time,” he grinned.
“I heard your call,” a voice said behind War and his brothers.
Omega grinned wickedly. “Hello… brother.”


Johnny stared Omega down. While the Horsemen eyed Johnny. War grabbed them both by the arm. “We were misled and pressed to do wrong. Both from the start and after our awakening. We must right our wrongs. Together, we will be strong enough to defeat him.”
Both of his brothers nodded.
Omega laughed. “This is all so cute. Another family reunion. A partnership. Oh, dear, brother… I have some bad news about your dear old adoptive parents.” He grinned and licked his lips.
Johnny’s heart sank. “What did you do?” his voice low.
Omega cracked his neck. “Honestly, I’m more of a show and tell kind of guy. So…” he pulled out a hologram projector. On it the makeshift screen, it played the last few moments of Johnny’s parents. Though they weren’t his real parents, they had been there for him. Saved him. Guided him. They were beaten senseless. Blood flowed from their grievous wounds.
Omega then motioned in the hologram to a pair of dogs that laid motionless on the ground. “Let’s do a switcheroo! Whaddya say, Johnny? Sound good?”
Then, his parents were implemented into the dogs. Where they screamed one agony. Their human bodies flailed on the ground and then died.
“Hoo hoo! Look at them. LOOK AT THEM, JOHNNY!”
His parents begged to be put out of their misery.
“Well, you know… I’m a fan of euthanasia, so…”
Omega then jumped furiously atop the dogs. Crushing their bodies… their skulls.
“It’s just like playing in the water!” Omega cackled.
Then he did a close up of the dead dogs. “They could have been saved, Johnny. But no, you had to play hardball. Well, I’ma real hitter, babe.”
Then the hologram stopped.
Nobody moved. Omega laughed and shook his head. “That’s probably some of my finest work there.”


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