War walked through the bloody battlefield and looked for any survivors of his onslaught. Any he found, he cut their heads off and left them there. Rage still flowed within, having lost his brother, Pestilence. Famine and Death still wandered laying waste to villages, cities, and so on. War, however, wanted to show off his brutality and brute strength. He wanted the Nightwalker to himself so he could dismember him slowly, painfully.
“Be careful what you wish for, War,” said Johnny from behind him.
War slowly turned around and stared at his nemesis, starting to approach him. “You…you took my brother from me, and now, now I will take your life!”
“On the contrary, War. Your brother’s death is on your hands.”
“No, you stole his life and his powers! No one else!” War roared.
“And you stole the lives of hundreds of thousands, near the millions. You absorbed their essence and claimed it for your own! Out of what? A bid by your so called, master?”
“War has no master. We have no master,” replied War.
“And yet, you tremble at Omega’s feet and grovel like a whimpering dog with their tail between their legs, who was told they were ‘bad,’” said Johnny as he took a few steps toward War.
War thought on this. In all of the sense, he knew Johnny was right. He stopped in his tracks.
“You were made into being something incredible. We all were. You have been misguided and led to believe you are a tool of war and nothing more,” Johnny stopped in front of War. “I can show you that there is more to this than senseless fighting. That, together, we can create a world without this unnecessary bloodshed and uphold honor.
War looked up to Johnny. “If I don’t then, I will lose all that remains of who I am. My family.”
“No, we can stop him, War. Only by working together will we stop Omega,” said Johnny.
“Did you offer the same bargain to my brother before you killed him? Hmm?” asked War.
Johnny sighed. “I couldn’t, he was already too far gone.”
A sadistic grin sprawled across Johnny’s lips. “He did beg for mercy, though.”
War squinted at the young boy and felt something was off. “Who are you?”
‘Johnny’ wound his right arm up and socked War in the gut several times, and then in the face, sending him flying and tumbling across the field. “YOUR GOD!”
War knew that voice. “You… bastard. You double cross me?!”
“What happened, War? I thought you bowed to no man? Yet, here you are, rolling around in the mud, like some pig.” The illusion was shattered, willingly, by Omega.
“I had a feeling, I knew you would be the death of my brothers and I the moment we were activated,” War said as he got up to his feet.
“Your intuition was correct. You four could have struck me down then and this wouldn’t have needed to happen. Regardless, the boy would have killed you and stolen your powers. I, on the other hand, am a much better tactician and well,” Omega charged at War through the air, “AM BETTER IN EVERY WAY!”
War summoned his strength deep from within. Brothers, we have been betrayed. Come to me quickly!
We are coming!
War smirked as he blocked Omega’s attack with ease. “You flaunt about strength in which you do not possess, and gloat too much.”
Omega then attacked again from behind, striking War in the head and back. “Fool, don’t you know that I like to play with my prey before I completely, and utterly destroy them?”
War was sent flying through a few tanks and landed in a foxhole. He grunted as he struggled to get up. My back, it’s nearly broken. He only hit me a few times. How in the hell…?
“Come now, War. You couldn’t have been knocked out from that?”
War gritted his teeth. I can’t let it end like this.


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