Hey, folks.
Just dropping a quick line about what’s coming up.

  • Friday! You can get Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle for FREE on Amazon Kindle. One day only, so make a note!
  • Here’s a new skidmark record breaking video of the Druid stomping around giving out bear hugs. Check that out here.

There will be an addition to Johnny Nightwalker Thursday, but for now… I wanted to share that bit.
Later on tonight is our first night of our weekly raid of Tomb of Sargeras. Normal and Heroic that is. I’ll probably stream it for kicks. Here.
That’s about it for now. I hope you all had a good 4th of July, didn’t text and drive, drink and drive, or do anything that endangered the lives of others or yourselves. Stay safe out there. Be frosty.

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