Johnny Nightwalker: Consequence and Retaliation

In populated places across the world, the remaining Horsemen carried out their attacks against Humanity. War, however,  collapsed to his knees.
The pain was intense in his chest, despite the fire that raged within. “I will get the bastard… mark my words,” he said as he spat on the ground. His hands erupted into a fiery blaze. He slammed them down onto the ground, sending out massive shockwaves in all directions, sending the collective military might of the world to its knees; tanks exploded, planes crashed into one another and the ground, while bombs detonated all around.
“WAR DEMANDS VENGEANCE,” he shouted at the top of his lungs.
Elsewhere, Death only made a silent gesture to an invisible specter.
Lastly, as Famine approached a village in South America, villagers readied an attack against the usher of doom. He began to hyperventilate and stumbled.
“No… No… NO!” he panted.
His attackers all motioned at once.
Life withered around them: plants died, their crops wilted, their animals and livestock died before them. The waters dried up.
Streaks of tears ran down his cheeks. Famine spoke softly aloud, “Mankind has no place in this world or any other.”
He tapped deeper into his power, the power they all shared. “Death… comes for you all.”
For then, Death appeared before them all. “Claim them. Show no mercy,” said Famine.
Death nodded.
He stretched out his right arm and only looked. One person fell to the ground. Then another. One by one, the villagers all fell to the invisible touch.
Famine fell to the ground. “What is in it for us, brothers? Why must we fight another’s battle?”
Revenge… that is all that matters right now. Famine could hear War.


Lad, you had us worried! Runnin’ off like that, ya could have gotten ye self killed,” Red lectured Johnny.
Johnny shook his head. “I didn’t come back just to be scolded, Red. We need to act… and now. People can’t defend themselves against these guys. If we don’t, no one will. There won’t be an Earth to save. No people. Nothing.”
Red and Chico nodded.
“Alright, so what should we do?” Chico asked.
Round everyone up, call in any and all favors. We strike back. It’s time for the world to know… everything. We will expose the Agency for what it is. If we’re all on the same page, it’ll make things easier.
“That’s goin’ to frighten a lot of people, lad,” said Red.
“They are right now—they’re scared and afraid right now! They think no one is going to fight for them. That they’re just going to be fed to some unstoppable beast, left for dead… I don’t plan on that happening. I know the risks, but right now, they’re on the bottom of my list.”
Red and Chico looked at Johnny, astounded. “Are ye sure you’re Johnny?”
“You seem… a lot different, Jeffe.”
Johnny nodded. “I am,” he said with a smile.
“Well then, let’s kick some ass!” piped Chico.


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