Recording in Progress… [Later]

Evening, folks.
So as I sit here and play around with the settings for gameplay and all that jazz for the upcoming release of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal, I am having a few visions of what my cover will be…and it’s exciting.
For now, I believe Bob will look good in a soft cover…or paperback. It’s not a great length novel, comparable to other titles in the field, let alone what exists.
Also, I am testing out some stream features for when I roll around the place in World of Warcraft. A downside is that not all of the Discord conversations are recorded; which is a ball buster. However, I’ll work around that and in the times I am not streaming, I will be recording! Hooray. So, we’re hoping to have new skidmark videos, records broken, rage whispers on file and left out in the open for everyone to see. Good times. They are coming, kiddies.
In any case, it’s Patch Day tomorrow for WoW and that makes some folks upset. So what better way to combat the blues than with some WPvP? I’ll either stream tonight with Twitch or Facebook. Either or…it’s going to be a good time. Oh, that’s right! We have some Mythic+ dungeons to run. Hmm…
Come harass, poke, cheer, jeer, or whatever your fancy at No, you don’t have to worry about seeing my mug either.
Anyway, until later…and next time.

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