The Black Plague's End

Johnny’s eyes shifted around the room. So many… dead. He could feel something deep within him stirring—longing to manifest.
The nanomachines swarmed Johnny. He let himself be taken.
Pestilence cackled, “Too easy!”
Burns, sores, and disfigurement began to set in. Johnny could feel them eating away at his flesh. He knew though, to actually beat Pestilence, he had to sacrifice a portion of himself.
Pestilence’s curiosity was piqued. “What’s the matter, child? Have you realized the futility of it all?”
Johnny closed his eyes. Jerry, I could sure use your help right now. Everyone.
The familiar voice of his dead friend echoed in the darkness of his mind. I am with you, my friend.
Slowly, a blue aura began to envelop Johnny. He spoke but in a disembodied tone… so many voices… those of the slaughtered.
“Let’s see how you fair… AGAINST JUSTICE!” Johnny’s eyes opened wide. An EMP blast wave emitted from within him, and all Pestilence’s nanomachines dropped to the ground. His fists became engulfed in a fiery blue inferno as he charged the Horseman head on.
“What?! How can that be?!” Pestilence took a step back and recoiled in fear.
Johnny pummeled Pestilence with a fury of attacks to his torso and face. Then he precisely dismantled Pestilence, breaking his arms and legs at the joints. The cries of agony Pestilence unleashed seemed almost hypnotic to Johnny.
He knelt down beside the broken Horseman. “Let us see how you fair against your own medicine, fiend.”
Johnny manipulated the fallen nanomachines. They orbited around him and reacted to his every movement. He placed his hand on Pestilence’s head and let the nanomachines carry out their work. They tore through the skull and engulfed the body of the Horseman wholly. The man’s shrieks of pain came and reached a feverish pitch. He shuddered and shook violently in Johnny’s grasp.
“Tell your brother when you see him… he’s next,” Johnny said as he crushed Pestilence’s skull in his hand.
He stood up and observed the ashen remains of the Horseman. The nanomachines were, indeed, quick to do their work. He felt a new power though—the latest to be unlocked.
Your power grows, Johnny. Use it wisely to battle against the Horsemen. Remember though, they’re just a stepping stone.
Johnny nodded. “I know. Thank you, Jerry.”


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