“Reports are coming in from cities across the world. Millions of people are dead. Citizens are being slain in the street, their homes, anywhere.” The old news broadcaster spoke in a very dark tone. Sweat had been dripping down from his brow. His short gray hair—wild. His white button down shirt was stained with sweat that tarnished it to a yellow hue, his red tie unkempt. “We—oh my god! What is that?!”
The camera turned around from broadcaster. It recorded all the commotion as people were tossed around like ragdolls, some were impaled by steel beams, crushed under concrete rubble; some had their necks snapped like twigs, some killed one another, incited by something or rather someone.
“What the hell is that?!” cried some of the news station employees.
“It’s a Horsemen! Run for your lives!” One person could be heard shouting.
The figure cloaked themselves in a red aura; small micro machines orbited his person. His features were hard to decipher due to the distortion, and the slaughter that took place around them.
“No, no, please, we are just reporting! We’re no threat!” a woman news broadcaster pleaded as the figure turned its gaze to them. The camera zoomed in on the woman as an unseen force picked her up and drew her to the Horseman. Her feet dragged across the floor, hitting her fallen co-workers. She sobbed uncontrollably.
“Johnny… The one who calls himself ‘The Nightwalker.’ You will reveal yourself to us, or more people will die needlessly for your insurrection and callous disregard for the order of the Agency,” the figure spoke deep, voice distorted. “This woman, her death, as well as the millions of others across the world, their blood is on your hands, Nightwalker. They have all DIED because you refuse the gift of the Agency. You… and you alone are the sole soul responsible.” The sobbing woman was then turned around to face the camera. “Watch. Listen. As the plague ravages her body and the rest of these people.”
The nanomachines then shot out in all directions, emitting an invisible gas that made the people crazy. They clawed their eyes out, bashed each other’s brains in, ripped limbs off each other, sexually assaulted the weak, cannibalized on their flesh. He released the woman from his grasp. Her skin began to boil and turn red. Her shrieks of terror flooded the room with the others. She flailed around on the floor, ripping her hair and skin off, then her ears. She bit her fingers off after. So much blood.
Pestilence knelt down beside the woman and cocked his head to the side. He observed her, studying perhaps. She twitched uncontrollably and gargled on her blood and vomit; her cries stifled by a slow and painful death.
The lone old man sat at his news desk. He raised a gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. He slumped over onto the desk; his brains splattered on the shell of his former co-anchor that had already expired during the commotion.
Pestilence sighed. “An admirable feat. He was a lucky one.” He then stared into the camera lens. “Turn yourself in and this all ends. Continue to rebel… “ he paused and gave a slight grin, “and the world burns, with you along with it.”
The live feed was then cut off.


It was the last Horsemen to address Johnny that day.
Johnny sat with his head in his hands.
It hadn’t been long since the Horsemen emerged and were unleashed unto the world. People died. Chico and the others were all that remained of Earth’s last line of defense. The climate had been manipulated in some areas, causing flooding, abnormal weather patterns, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and more.
Species were extinct and were on the brink of extinction. Mankind… was close as well. Johnny and the others needed time; to study, to learn their opponents weaknesses. It seemed, however, there was little to none to exploit.
“I have to do something. It’s too much,” Johnny said with tears in his eyes. “I can’t stand watching all these people die because of me.”
“What do ya think there gonna do to ya, lad? They’ll kill ya on the damn spot!” said Red.
“There won’t be anyone to protect at this rate. There won’t be a Human race…” Johnny’s voice trailed off. “There will be nothing but ruin and chaos.”
Johnny pictured where Pestilence was at, and he thought hard. He felt the rage swelling up inside. “I am done hiding.”
Inside, something “clicked” and before Red and Chico, he vanished.
“Lad, where did ya go?!”


Johnny opened his eyes and looked around at the bloodshed and chaos that had been unleashed upon the world. The sky was red and orange; whether it was from the blood that was spilled or the fires that raged on all around him.
A voice spoke from behind him. “So, you’ve come. You were wise to give yourself up, Nightwalker. However, I fear you are… too late to save these ‘people.’”
“I am going to make you, and the others, pay for your crimes against humanity,” said Johnny.
“Yes, well, let’s see how you stand up… against the Plague,” replied Pestilence as he motioned his nanomachines to circle Johnny. “Bear witness, to the apocalypse… now!”


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