Announcing a New Limited Mini-series Project: Teaser

Hey, folks.
It’s the start of something new and I wanted to share it with you all. What is it? Why, it’s a new, very limited mini-series project based in the same universe where Lilah, Dana, Walter, Lynaly and others all dwell within.
While this might not follow the details of demons and the supernatural, this particular tale will follow one man’s demons that dwell within.
Starting off, Dana has a confrontation with a man who has committed many atrocities against society. Dismemberment, killing, raping, savagely beating people; men, women, children, and a slew of other violent crimes. William “Wild Bill” Moseley is perceived as pure evil incarnate.
Bill is kept in a state maximum prison outside of New Boston, MA. With the man being captured and having been brought to justice, it seems the public can rest easy. His death sentence made, all the evidence in order… what could go wrong?
Detectives Dana Deupree and Walter Conway are called in to investigate the strange mishaps that have befallen the prison as a favor by the Warden. All the signs point to Bill being responsible for the oddities that have taken place: dead inmates who have hung themselves with their insides, eyes gouged out and replaced with their testicles, and many other heinous acts.
Will the detectives solve the case of the strange and bizarre, or will they wind up as just another statistic?
Here’s a small teaser…

Start Teaser

“They say I am the way I am because of some tumor… some natural defect. I am not defective. I was engineered by nature to kill. I brought balance; I was the Equalizer.” Bill cracked a grin.

“Ah… They all looked so wonderful when the light went out in their eyes. Have you ever seen that, detective? The light fade in someone’s eyes?” His grin became a malicious, salivating all out ice cream smile, drool running down the right corner of his mouth and chin.
Dana swallowed a number of words he wanted to say in regards to the man’s acts. He cleared his throat, “Do you have anything to do with the random killings and events that have transpired here, Bill?”
Bill sat there with that stupid grin and drool on his face, his gaze lost in his sweet, sweet memories.
Dana snapped his fingers in front of Bill’s face. “Did you kill those inmates and guards, Bill?”
Bill slowly cocked his head to the side and then jerked his head hard, a loud snap could be heard within the room, sending a shiver up and down Dana’s spine. “How long do you think you’ll be staying at my hotel, detective?”
Dana raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”
“I wager you won’t last here a night,” Bill grinned. “Though, I suppose I wouldn’t want to k—” he stopped himself from finishing.
“Wouldn’t want to what, Bill?” asked Dana.
“Why, I wouldn’t want to let my biggest fan die off in the first episode, detective…” he grinned that toothy grin again and gave a wheezing laugh. Then all emotion had left. He became blank faced. “I can’t say much for your friend, though. Are you sure you should have let him wander off on his own… Dana?”

End Teaser

Don’t worry, folks! There will be more to come!
Until next time,

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