Hey, folks.
It’s Monday…again. I had some things I had wanted to post up, but I had more important things to do. As such, it never came, since I was exhausted.
Monday is here, and it’s been busy outside of the writing world. I’ll be taking the day off to prepare for the final post for Bob; and doing this new story outline I have an idea for…
There will be another Diary of The Wasteland Bear God post. I’m thinking of canceling anymore “writing r(e)volutions.” Sure, they seemed fun… to me. Not many care for the mashup series, so I’ll just go back to posting I can, of I can. I think I’ve given enough ample look into how that series has come to be/evolved.
Johnny Nightwalker… that’s what will be next. Then, it’ll be the book. I have other titles I want to get out. I’m debating if want to post them first, or go straight to press. Master debating, folks. It’s a thing.
I suppose maybe I’ll start going into my drives and seeing what else I’d like to put out. I still have my timeline; some things to be added or adjusted accordingly.
Ah, yeah. Now I remember a few that I wanted out. OK. We’re going to run with that. I’ll start sharing those with you folks, soon.
Anyway, until at least tomorrow.

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