Writing (R)Evolution: Space Arc Conclusion and Normalcy

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to another Writing (R)Evolution tidbit of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.

Today, we’re wrapping up the space arc in the story, with the crew being reunited and set to go back to their ship.

I have to say I had a lot of fun doing a cross-over of Star Trek with WoW inspired characters, and Fallout 4. I mean, sure there are aliens in the Fallout universe but. . .they’re not a blend of TNG and the original Star Trek., with two other beloved franchises. I enjoyed it, enough said.

So what does it mean for the Bear God and others after the crews leave? Well, we have the time of Resident Evil and the one virus in Fallout. Yeah. You know I am going that route. 😉 It’s going to be a fun ride leading up to current events (even if you may think it not).

Come back tomorrow for another episode of fun, fast times at Bear God University, er, I mean Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.

Until then,


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The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God

Season One: Episode Twenty-Four

[Quickly, Back to the Ship!]

“Oh. . .why you shouldn’t have,” the space crew captain said.
They had already finished making their final preparations, calculations, and boarding when they were greeted by the unlikely trio . . .plus the lost commander.
“My comrades, I. . .have returned.” Commander Cirk sighed with relief.
“Welcome back, Number Two. We. . .hadn’t planned on your return, truth be told.” Captain Tim informed the not-so-missed commander.”We had thought you were gone, old friend, and well—”
“There’s not enough room in here for you.” An Asian male in a yellow shirt added.
Number Two nodded, “I see. Well, if it is for the best of humanity, and for the mission. . .I’ll stay behind. For the greater good.”
The entire crew spoke in unison, “The greater good.”
The trio looked at one another. Rubricon leaned in close to Sin, whispering. “Are we going to let him travel along with us? It’s already a little crowded as it is.”
Sin shrugged. “I don’t care, really. Plus he did blow up that base, and yeah.”
“He’d just get in the way,” Rubricon added.
“That’s not our problem. If he dies, he dies. I’m pretty sure he knows the risks.” The Bear God Growled.
Ben poked his head between the two. “What are we whispering about?”
“Him,” Rubricon motioned his head towards Commander Cirk.
“Ah. I could always kill him and assimilate him?” Ben added.
“You have some serious issues, Ben.” Rubricon retorted.
“It’s in my DNA. . .nature and all that.” Ben casually replied.
“Captain, we’re losing our window with this delay. We should start our departure now.” Zeta stated.
“Agreed. Make it so.” The captain replied.
The commander dropped his gaze to the ground. The captain looked back at Cirk, displeased, and then made a decision. “Number Two, are you coming?”
“Sir?” The crew looked at their captain in disbelief.
“Y—yes, sir!” The commander saluted and rushed to climbing in the makeshift car/time machine.
“Ahuru, sit on his lap, and make room. Time is wasting!” The captain stated.
The space crew finished their preparations and set their course. Shortly thereafter, a thunderstorm rolled in. They started the car/time machine and revved it up. They tore through the newly emptied street [courtesy of the Bear God] and reached their needed speed of 88 MPH. A lightning bolt struck the car, and the three looked on in disbelief as it vanished; leaving behind a trail of fire on the ground.
“So that was all bullshit, right? Rubricon asked.
“Yup. Blame the man upstairs. Anyway, let’s go. We’re done here,” Sin stated.
“You guys know what? When there’s a radiation storm, it’s really me pissing on you.” The Maker chuckled in their minds.
The storm changed into a series of crackling and rain. . .whereas the clouds turned yellow.
“Fuck you,” the trio yelled aloud.
“I’m just glad that’s all over. Although, that Ahuru was pretty cute.” Rubricon shook his head, the piss-rain beating against his invisible shield.
“Think we’ll see them again?” Ben inquired.
“I hope not. . .” Sin growled.
Elsewhere, in another time, the space crew arrived at their last known location. . .and met their remaining crew aboard their ship.
“Captain! You’ve returned! We feared the unthinkable and thought you were all doomed.” A young male in a yellow shirt, surprised by the sudden appearance of the original captain.
“Mr. Krusher, I trust you kept the ship in order while we were away?” Captain Tim questioned the lad.
“Y—yeah about that.” Whil looked about the heavily trashed ship, full of emptied liquor bottles, cups, and alcoholic beverage cans.
“Busted,” Cirk commented.


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