When Out of This World Characters Interact With Boring Characters

Good day, everyone.
I hope you are doing well, and if you’re not, well. . .I am sorry you are not. In any case, it’s time for some visitation rights and sex bot sightings in our next Writing Evolution of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God.
We are 19 episodes in thus far. We have seen some extreme sides of raunchy, and then the lightening of that to where we are now. We also have a cameo of space proportions. What does that mean?
I love space. I love the big black void that encompasses us all in its cold stomach. I love Star Wars and Star Trek. Thus, I felt like throwing in some Trek. I figured I’d save Star Wars later. I mean, Science Fiction is pretty intense. And no, I do not just stop there. It’s a massive mashup after all, not just in video games, but also other franchises. Rawr.
Usually, when you have cameos or bring in other characters from something, it’s when the original show, remake, whatever, is hurting and needs to generate either:

  1. Money.
  2. Presence.
  3. Be revived.
  4. Cash grab.
  5. Cross-promotion.
  6. Just because.

So, I did number 6 on that list. I also felt like experimenting, since I wondered, “What would it be like if we had Star Trek in Fallout 4 and World of Warcraft?” Well, bam. It happened.
It’s also where I have no holotape. It’s an opening much like a typical Star Trek episode, where the captain is doing their “Captain’s Log” deal.
It’s a new story arch, all part of the overarching one, and it’s entertaining at least. Check back tomorrow for more out of this world good gravy.
Until next time,

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The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God

Season One: Episode Nineteen

[We Have Company]

“Captain’s log, Stardate 2278—”
“Ahem, Captain, that’s. . .still the earth’s measurement.”
“Huh? What? Well maybe if you’d let me finish, Number Three. Now I have to start all over again.” The Captain smacked his ‘Number Three’ upside the head.
The Captain readied his recording device again. “Captain’s log, Stardate 2278.64. We’ve apparently landed on an alternate Earth where there’s hardly any humans remaining, and most of the world has fallen subject to nuclear warfare some time ago.”
A yellow tinted, stiff man knelt down and recorded samples of the soil. “By my calculations, around two hundred years ago, sir.”
“Hmm. . .I see.” The Captain surveyed the land and saw a sign in red prominent letters: Beware! The Wasteland Bear God watches you! “Interesting. There seems to be some sort of creature revered as a god amongst men.”
A guttural growl was heard from behind them, “That. . .would be me.” The Mighty Wasteland Bear God erected and looked over the foreign intruders one by one.
“I have encountered who the indigenous civilization regard as The Wasteland Bear God. He is as the legends revere, and then some.” The Captain spoke calmly and profound with his ‘discovery’.
The Bear God sighed, “Are we really going to go through with this?” He grunted in disgust. “I mean, c’mon. . .first aliens, and now this? Can’t you do anything creative? Do you really think people give a damn about me, let alone my story, or that of anyone else you throw in?”
“I beg your pardon?! I am, by all accounts, original, you filthy cur!” Snapped the Captain.
“Not you, buddy. I’m talking to someone else. . .and they know damn well what I am talking about,” remarked The Bear God.
“Look, how about you run with it? We need better ratings, more viewers, and all that jazz,” said an ominous voice aloud, sending the foreign crew to shudder in fear.
“Who the hell is that?!” Said the space captain.
“It’s just The Maker, don’t worry about that cunt. Really though, you should just leave. There’s enough shit going on here as it is,” said The Bear God.
“We’re merely here to observe this planet. It differs from our timeline by a great deal. . .and plus we’re a little stranded,” said the Captain.
“I see. Well, I guess that’s OK, but if you get in the way. . .” Sin snarled.
“Rest assured, sir, you’ll hardly even notice us here.” The space captain promised.
“Right. . .whatever,” said The Bear God
Along their way, Sin took note of a base of Super Mutants and Synths coexisting. . .or having a deal. Something. Rubricon, Ben, and The Mighty Bear God moved in to investigate.
“Slowly and quietly, we are going to the base where baddies are holding up,” whispered the space captain.
“Captain, I am picking up abnormal readings from the area. It’d be best to avoid the area and observe from afar,” said his yellow-skinned crewmate.
“I am readying my phasers to stun, sir,” said the Captain’s Head of Security.
“Dammit, Tim! I am a doctor, not a fighter,” stated the Doctor.
“Quiet. . .all. . .of you. Let the Captain. . .decide what we. . .should. . .do,” stated his ‘number two’.
Sin facepalmed hard. “How about you guys stay the hell back and let the professionals take care of this? OK?”
“Very well, I shall leave you. . .to this mess,” said Tim, the space captain.
The space crew set off for a more suiting hiding location.
“I seriously can’t stand the new guys,” The Bear God growled.
“Right? They think that with all that technological whiz biz they’re better than us? Ha! We’d crush them like ants,” said Rubricon.
“Can’t we just kill them off? Something?” Ben whined.
“No. . .no, Ben. . .we’ll just let them do their own thing. . .plus The Maker wants to promote it. . .or something. Fucking idiot.”
“I heard that!” said The Maker.
Of course, The Maker not realizing that his voice was so booming. . .alerted the baddies that were hold up in their base. . .because he’s smart like that.
“Way. To. Fucking. Go,” sighed Sin.
“Time to go in guns blazing?” Rubricon motioned.
“Why not.” Sin Sighed. “Ben, roll out!”
Ben tucked himself into a tight wrecking ball and set off to throw himself into the fray. “TODAY’S A GOOD DAY TO DIE,” he yelled.


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