Preparations. . .

Hey, folks.
Dropping a line regarding this week. There are things to be done—things that take precedence, and as such, I am pre-emptively attacking next week. So much, that I have sunk its battleship.
What the hell does that mean? Well, in lamens terms I am taking the week off. Go me. I got a pot of chili brewing, stuff to do, and next week all planned out as far as what’s coming. I have just a few more things left over to do, but it’s doable while jumping on one foot. I have a short story that I will be posting soon as well—either tomorrow or Friday.
The recap wrap-up for Bob is coming up. New Johnny Nightwalker. New recap for The Writing Evolution for The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God coming. New stuff.
Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. . . Well, folks, I have something to say. I will be releasing an Author’s Cut of the book, which includes a chapter from the next book. It will have the cover as is and there will be a limited run of another cover. It may stay, specifically for paperback and kindle, while the other is only in hardcover. Things!
The Lodestone Files—book formats coming up. I am planning appropriate sizing for the boxset, along with a pretty damn good price.
Stuff. Is. Happening.
In any case, you will hear from me soon enough. Regardless, I wish you all a happy weekend. Shine on you crazy diamonds.
Until next time,

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