Writing Evolution: Know Your Hero and Visit Your Villain

Hello, everyone.

We’re back for another segment of The Writing Evolution of The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. This time, we are looking at Rubricon. We all know how stories generally revolve around the hero and their sidekicks. I figured you know what? Let’s go back to Rubricon. He’s perceived as a villain. He’s a bad guy. Well. . .

I also thought while playing Behind Blue Eyes by The Who that I would say fuck it and do it. So it’s a bit of story on the “villain.”

I also wanted to make it a kind of unique experience. So I made the entry as a holotape and scripted it similar to what you could find in a Fallout game. Here, The Maker and Rubricon converse. In actuality, Rubricon is technically the good guy, while The Bear God is the bad guy. But since times have changed, roles reversed, and it’s now a different game series (thanks, mashup possibilities!).

So there you have it. Assumptions were made and you thought otherwise, right? Ha! Well, we’re going to be heading into next week with more entries and writing evolution posts. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Until next week!


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The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God

Season One: Episode Seventeen

[Behind Blue Friggin’ Eyes]

[You’ve obtained a Rubricon’s Holotape!]

[You’re now playing Rubricon’s Holotape.]

“It’s been awhile since I last saw, Sin.”
[He sighs.]
“We weren’t always enemies—hell, we were actually best friends. That is until he swore allegiance to the Reds, and I chose to stay on the path with the Blues. That was probably around the time things started to go south. . .”
[Rubricon’s voice trails off. A slight sniffle is heard.]
“Ah, that son of a bitch. . .he could have you rolling for hours.”
[He clenches his fist tight.]
“And then. . .then he went and stumbled upon the dark magics.”
[He slams his fist down hard against a big boulder.]
“That moron—I told him that it’d be the end of him if he took on that power. What do I get for intervening? Cursed to this wretched form! A damn rabbit, too!”
[He grits his teeth.]
[After a moment he continues.]
“Regardless of faction, I respected him, and his wishes. Even when he wanted to be with that. . .girl of his—to “quit the game. Settle down and have a couple of kids.”
[He sighs heavily.]
“I wonder if he even knows. . .what became of them—doubtful.”
[He closes his eyes and drifts off in thought.]
“No matter what side—Red vs. Blue, good vs. bad. . .right vs. wrong. . . No matter how it was spun, I always came out looking like the bad guy. And yet, I am not revered as a savior, nor a god. . .simply because I never displayed my power.”
[A tone in his voice changes, he looks away for a moment.]
“Or was it because I just didn’t go all out from the get-go? Maybe, I should have spent more time-saving people instead of keeping my head out of other peoples’ business. No, no, that couldn’t be it. Why? What is the reason he is revered as a Bear God, other than that he’s stuck as a damn bear? He’s not stronger than me. I was able to dance toe to toe with him back then easily, so how is it that he can just roll me like a friggin’ bread roll across the Wasteland? There has to be something. . .”
[A voice pops into Rubricon’s head.]
Because I gave him the power.
“W—who the hell?!”
[A confused Rubricon looks all over the place and his person, only finding nothing has changed from the ordinary. . .aside from talking to a voice. . .in his head.]
I am The Maker. I have made everything in this world. . .and galaxy. OK, the entire universe and its parallels, etc. so on and so forth.
“Right. . .OK. So, you made Sin, and you gifted him with that power? Does that constitute anything that was gained from the dark magics, and made me what I am now?”
[The Maker snickers.]
You’re the way you are because your attempt at intervening was foiled. Thus, you’ve always had the ability to leave that. . .form. . .you just probably became accustomed to it, or you were just mad at him; kept a reason to hate him, have vengeance, etc.
“. . .Are you shitting me?”
No, I am not shitting on you. Even if you thought it would be the sweetest thing in the world. Forget that noise.
“I didn’t ask you to shit on me—forget that. So you’re saying I can go back to my old self? That I can have power like Sin, and be revered as a deity to the denizens?”
Pretty much. I’m not a damn genie, though. I just make things happen, because I can do that. I also feel like doing that. You see when a man and a woman—
“OK, OK, I get it. So why don’t you juice me up, I shape out of this shit, and I start having some fun?”
Why not. This whole thing has been a little dull the last few ‘episodes.’
[A bolt of blue lightning rains down from the heavens and strikes Rubricon, sending him rolling across the Wasteland. After a moment, he gets to his feet and checks over his body.]
[The Maker laughs.]
“You’ll find out how to change out of that. . .eventually. You got the power now, don’t you? Deal with that! Baby steps!”
[Rubricon growls and shakes his fist at the sky.]
“You lying sack of shit!”
Yeah, see, last time Sin started to mock me. . .I killed him. Pretty quick too. So, if you don’t want to be instagibbed I recommend you shut the hell up and listen up.
[Rubricon sighed.]
“Fine. . .what?”
If you want to regain your form, you are to find Sin, The Mighty Wasteland Bear God. You will tell him of his woman. . .and of his child. You will make amends, and trust me here, it will get pretty brutal when you tell him. He’ll probably snap and try to kill you. That part is where I will come in and give you a lil’ kick. Eventually, everyone will kiss, hold hands, drink with one another, maybe have a picnic, and we’ll all say this in the name of our Bear Lord.
[Rubricon blinked with a blank expression on his face.]
I know. It’s a lot to take in. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! [The Maker’s voice boomed inside Rubricon’s mind.]
“So. . .I find him and tell him. . .everything?”
Yup. Get to it.
[Rubricon sighed again.]
“No one knows what it’s like. . .”
Oh, you’ll know. . .

[End Playback]


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