What Do You Know?

So, you think you know the world? You think at night you’re safe, comfy cozy under your bedsheets and ignorant to all the wrongs society has done—or has yet to do?
Delve into the world of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle, where things are not as they seem. It may seem like ours, and you may think that but rest assured, it’s nothing like the fairy tales or folk tales you’ve heard or read.


“Playing cards? What, are you gonna poker us to death?”
“Henry . . .” The brown-haired kid attempted to silence his loudmouthed friend before he could cause more trouble for both of them.

The girl they knew as Lilah allowed a smirk at the stray comment. “Next, we have the two of clubs, but that’s nothing special.” She showed the third card. “A king of clubs, not too important.” She then revealed the fourth card. “Three of clubs, but that doesn’t matter. You see, it’s always the last card that’s key!”
“Look, Gary, she’s lost it. The goth girl’s finally gone loony. She’s—” He cut his sentence short. What was happening now, was beginning to make him question his own sanity.
The top card of the deck was moving, but not by her hand— all by itself, rather. It slid up until it was standing upright on the deck, its back to the two boys. Slowly, it began to turn towards them. As this spectacle occurred, neither noticed the sadistic grin forming on the girl’s previously blank face, or her eyes starting to glow a dull green. As the card hit the halfway point, the boys found they could no longer move, and sense of touch had almost wholly left their bodies. The card was nearly completely facing them now, and sparks of electricity arced from its corners. This card was all wrong—series of sigils and symbols spun, scribed by something, not of this world. Red and black intermingled within the spade, and in each corner, was the number thirteen.
“Black Thirteen, boys. This is where we part!”


Don’t wait too long. You may miss out on your own second chance. . .

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