The Build-Up. The Climax. The Unpleasant Odor and Itching—Lengthy Dialogue, Not Enough Action

So here we are again. We are on episode seven in The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God. We’ve seen the extreme and the slight dumbing down. The raunchy and crude, to well, we’re not there yet. The paradigm shift is happening, but I wonder if you see it yet?

In this entry, I decided to do a take on the Holotapes you find all over in the Fallout games. This was the first entry to do such a thing. Some others take after it, but then eventually, things change. Maybe it goes from a point of view? Maybe it goes from being an actual Diary to holotape, to what is happening at the present? I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

I also wanted to make fun of how at least in several animes (but most notably Dragonball Z) how there are several episodes of dialogue and build-up to the big fight. . .and then it fizzles.

I also decided that I wanted to make a villain. One that had a possible path for redemption, because folks are usually suckers for redemption. I mean, look at Illidan. Granted, I thought initially that he was actually a good guy, just a misunderstood “villain” where he is actually not. . . *gasp* a villain. Now, look at us? We’re following him into the abyss. . .

Anyway, take a look below—hell, read on if you want. There will be another revisit tomorrow and on Friday. I’ll be getting some things ready so come next week. . .well, you’ll see.

Until next time.


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The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God

Season One: Episode Seven

[A Legendary of Dialogue Proportions. . .and Several Episodes!]

[Tape 1]
[The scribe was grateful enough to include a holographic tape showing the bout between The Mighty Bear God, and to what they believe, is the alleged. . .Anti-Bear God.]
[It’s not, though.]
“Well, well, well, what do we have here? An ancient relic from the past! And it’s you of all things.” the dark silhouette spoke surprisingly calm to the Mighty Bear God. “You should not be here. In fact, you should be dead like the rest of your pathetic lot.” The shade’s lips curled into a Cheshire smile.
“If it isn’t the double-sided rabbit dildo, Rubricon. I see you’re doing well. I see your batteries haven’t run out—shame. I had hoped that the rumors were just that—rumors.” The Mighty Bear God rose to his feet, grunting after having been shot out of the sky.
Rubricon snickered. “Alas, here I am. . .Sin,” he bowed.
“Ah, there’s a name I haven’t been called in a long, long time.” ‘Sin’ grinned at his nemesis. “So, tell me, Rubricon. Are we going to do this, or are we going to spend several episodes with us having long-winded speeches, a ‘who’s dick is bigger than an ant’s,’ and a pissing contest? Or are we going to get right to it?”
“Haha, eager as ever I see. You must be wishing for a swift death—it shall be denied, and I shall make you suffer.” Rubricon grinned, then went to a serious face.  “YOU SHALL SUFFER AS I HAVE. FOR HACKING THOSE MAGICS THAT CURSED ME—CURSED ME TO BEING STUCK IN THIS WRETCHED FORM!” He bellowed.
The Mighty Bear God yawned heavily. “Look, I get that your ass is sore over. . .whatever. . .that happened way back when but are you really certain that you can dance with me?”
“Ho, ho, confident are you? I seem to remember having you on the ropes pretty much 24/7.” Rubricon laughed, genuinely amused.
“Yep,” replied the Mighty Bear God.
With swiftness and ferocity, the Mighty Bear God known as Sin, charged his foe head on. Caught unawares, despite his rabbit-like appearance, Rubricon was sent rolling across the desolate and burning Wasteland like a rag doll. He laid there motionless, leaving the Mighty Bear God disappointed.
“Well, had I known you’d be that easy, I would’ve just farted in your general direction. I wonder. . .if you’re that easy, just how easy your mom, and your other sister must be.” The Mighty Bear God sat down, waiting to see if his foe’s anger would rise.
Rubricon laid there motionless still.
“OK, look, I get that you’re probably, sort of. . .going for a dramatic thing, but come on. I’ve got shit to do. Get your ass up, ya faker.”
. . .
“Yeah, OK, I’m done with this.”
And with that note, the Mighty Bear God turned around and motioned to his flock to come to him.
“I just wanted to make you bring them here, so I can see their faces when I kill you,” Rubricon replied, finally reaching to his feet. His rabbit-like face was pristine, and his fur undisturbed.
The Mighty Bear God sighed in relief. “Thank you! I was hoping you weren’t going to be some pussy pushover.” He let a grin escape, “Let’s dance, Rubi!”

Will The Mighty Bear God survive? Will there be a fight of super sand lergen proportions? WILL THEY SPOON ON THE COUCH?!


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