A Short Excerpt: Lilah's Guide to Hoyle — The Deal


They’re made all the time around us.

Resources. Trade goods. Lives. Money. Power.

These mean nothing to demons. A contract in blood, souls bound, fate entwined.

Lilah Dean made such a deal. . .

In her search for some answers, she comes to meet the darkness that dwells within.

A wave of warmth rushed through her body, filling her from head to toe. Darkness poured in like a blanket and surrounded her, bathing her in its absoluteness. She drifted in it and felt her muscles relax. The grip loosened until she could hardly tell it was there, and this made her happy. She allowed a simple smile to take her, and she relaxed even more as the warmth continued to wash over her.
So, you have finally come looking for me? a voiced boomed all around her, rattling her from her calm.
She retracted from it but remained in her shadow world. Who . . . who are you?
The voice lightly cackled. You know very well who Mullin is, you foolish little girl! A hard shiver jolted Lilah’s spine, and a cold began to creep over her body, replacing the newly found warmth. So, what brings you to me, child? With each word, the grip on her being tightened exponentially until it choked a small scream from her inside her mind. Only then did it loosen a touch.
But, why are you here?
I am a part of you now, girl. You should know by now. She winced, and a shriek released itself within her consciousness as the grip once again tightened. I ask you again. Why have you come searching for me? The voice echoed through her head, tearing into the silence like knives through silk.
I was just seeking inner peace—
The voice erupted in maniacal laughter, which rang through her head like the horn of a truck about to collide with an unwitting pedestrian. There is no room for such a thing in your life anymore. Now there is only you and me, child.
But why? Why like this? I-I don’t understand.
The disembodied voice seemed to have a hint of a grin in reply. Because that was the deal we made. Although, I suppose I have always enjoyed the company of people such as you. Ah yes, people looking for pleasure, risk, and power. Never bothering with the consequences or even knowing them, but under no circumstances ever minding them. Never bothering to feel remorse for their actions.
Those people—it was always in self-defense, never for mere amusement. I am not a murderer!
Ha, then why do you bother to gild your actions?
Lilah scrambled for a response but found none. In a world that held only truths, lies had no power.
Very well, I will demonstrate for you then. I will show you just how much you and I have become ONE!

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“All sleep is a gamble… We go to sleep every night comfortably betting that the next day we’ll wake up.”

Continue the adventure by reading the urban fantasy novel Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. Armed with her choice deck, her beloved book, Hoyle’s Guide to Poker and Parlor Tricks, and the skill that led her to throw away her college fund, Lilah gambles with her life—and with the lives of those around her.

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