Hello, everyone.
I know there has been a lack of posts. A little while back I said there were going to be changes happening, and well, they are beginning to take shape.

  1. The site will be undergoing some of the biggest changes. Removing of this and that, really cutting down.
  2. There will be some other implementations. TBA to say.
  3. More posts! I have some collaborators that are looking to share some fun stuff.
  4. More writing. I write when I can, between periods of waiting at places, appointments; outlines here and there. I want to put more stuff out, even if that means making them online based at first.
  5. Because we’re alive!
  6. It’s just right to end on an even number.

I hope what’s coming intrigues you fine folks and to the newcomers.
TL;DR New stuff is coming. It’s happening. Soon. Get ready.
Talk to you all soon. Take care of yourselves out there.

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