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Hi, everyone.

I’m just dropping a brief post on my Valentine’s Day promotion for Amazon UK customers. You can get the urban fantasy novel, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle for only £0.99, February 12th through the 18th. That’s so much in savings [60%!] you could help fund the proposed wall to—wait, what? We aren’t going to talk about American politics?  We aren’t going to discuss how we’re degrading ourselves and so on? Oh. . .OK. Well then, how about that picture I asked for? You know that one?

OK, so since we’re skipping politics, let’s continue with the promo!

Get a copy for your crazed book reader, book junkie, Kindle fanatic, or just get a copy. . .just because.

Folks, this is an enjoyable read. It’s not because we’re saying that it is, it’s because it just is. This is just one piece of a much grander puzzle. One step of a thousand steps. One slice of an XL pizza.

I had you at pizza, didn’t I? Good.

This promo will run from Feb. 12th through the 18th (2017). After that, what happens? Well, I guess you’re going to have to find out.

I invite you all to check it out!

Are you a Kindle Unlimited user? Great! You can already get Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle for FREE with your subscription. Eyyy! *Fonz stance*

So, you could pay or you could play, and sign up for our mailing list and get your books for free!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and a happy, love making fiesta.




Deluxe cover for
“All life is a gamble… We go to sleep every night comfortably betting that the next day we’ll wake up.”

“All life is a gamble . . . We go to sleep every night comfortably betting that the next day we’ll wake up.”
Demons. Sorcery. Magical playing cards. It’s anything but a fairy tale. Armed with her choice deck, her beloved book, Hoyle’s Guide to Poker and Parlor Tricks, and the skill that led her to throw away her college fund, Lilah gambles with her life—and with the lives of those around her.
Elsewhere, other players have a different idea of the rules of the game. And investigating the bizarre chain of events is Middleton PD’s finest, Detectives Dana Deupree and Walter Conway.
It’s anyone’s game. The cards have been shuffled and the stakes are high. The call has gone around the table. Others may fold, but not Lilah. She plays for keeps.
What will you wager? Will you call? Stand? Or will you fold?

You can get a digital copy via Amazon at $2.99.

You can also secure a paperback or hardcover copy.

Wanna go big? Get the digital copy of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle for FREE by simply signing up for our mailing list.

“But Wait! There’s More!”

If you’ve been shoved under a rock, holding out in a bunker, or if you have no interest whatsoever, here’s a friendly reminder that you can novelette The Lodestone Files: The Things in the Shadows for FREE on AmazoniBooksBarnes and Noble.


You can also secure yourself a FREE PDF copy of the second installment, The Lodestone Files: The Cat, The Mouse, and The Thing from Another World. Print and other formats soon to come.

“B-B-Bonus extravaganza!”

You can also download the anthology Abnormal Side Effects for Free on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble.

You can also opt-in for our mail list and get your free copies directly from us! Such edge! Much Words! WoW!

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