Recap of Last Week Jan 29th — Feb 5th



Goodbye, January.

That’s it. So long, farewell, we’re in February now. Folks, we are making headway into the new year! Exciting, isn’t it?

There are things around us happening: exciting things, scary things, and so many looming questions and events on the horizon.

For now, let’s take things one step at a time. . .


Here are last week’s posts, drafted up with your reading ease in mind.

Episode Two of The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God.

Some poems

Now, you might read those (or not, who knows) poems and think, “why all the talk of suicide?” Well, depression, PTSD, anxiety. . .these are real things that affect people. They can be crippling. They destroy lives, rift families apart; it’s a very real side effect of life. It’s also something I deal with. So it is a personal thing. I feel talking openly about it will help others talk about their troubles and what helps them.

Johnny “Nightwalker” will be returning soon. This series of posts will conclude this Spring. Thus, ending the story of Johnny Birka.

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Deluxe cover for
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For an added fun bit, here’s “Mantis’ Awakening,” or as I dubbed it, “The Giant Monster Revival.”

Cloud Watching; a scythe shaped cloud or mantis like claw.
“And then, did He rise…The Mantis Lord, Mantiboa, to eradicate the Humans and fight The King of Monsters.”

Cheers, folks and take care of yourselves out there.

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