On Sale This Weekend: Lilah's Guide to Hoyle

Where There’s a Sale, There are Savings

Lilah's Guide to Hoyle hardcover and paperback with playing cards scattered
The Kindle edition of the urban fantasy novel, Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle is on sale today for $0.99. That’s $2 savings. That’s still not enough savings to build a wall but enough to buy another book from a fabulous author.

Kindle Unlimited subscribers can get the ebook for free. Free! If you’re not signed up for Kindle Unlimited, click the link below to sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial.

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

You can also download the FREE app from Amazon to read your ebooks (on most devices).

Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Also, if you purchase a paperback or hardcover copy you will get the Kindle edition free as well.

The best part, though is all bets are off, you get to keep your soul, there are no risks of getting shot for your money, no risk of being sacrificed to a demon of Hell, no wild bear attacks, no drowning situations, and you can sit comfy cozy at home.

I do advise you to act. . .hmm. . .now, since the $0.99 deal is only today. Saturday and Sunday the price jumps to $1.99, then $2.99 on Monday.

For Amazon UK consumers, SURPRISE! Valentine’s Day is comin’ ’round the bend and well, I am drawing an Ace of Hearts; a sale for you the week of February 12 — 18. This means you can score the ebook at £0.99. Thereafter, the price will raise back to £2.43. 60% savings. Woo! Savings!

With that much in savings, you can look for other things for those special folks, furry animals, or just love yourself—I mean, being prepared is always a good thing. Plus there are quite a bit of memes involved with “being prepared” [Illidan Stormrage for the primary example? Yeah, that’s World of Warcraft. . .]

Shop Amazon – Valentine’s Day

Here’s me signing out, and wishing you all a great weekend.


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