January Promo: Lilah's Guide to Hoyle

Deluxe cover for
“Black Thirteen, boys. This is where we part!”

Between January 27th at 8 am to January 30th 8 am Amazon.com users can save on the ebook version of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle.
That’s right you will be able to snag the book for $.99, just in time for those January Blues.The price will eventually rise, like gas prices, up to its originally marked price of $2.99.
Here’s a breakdown…

  • Jan. 27th: $.99
  • Jan. 28th — 30th: $1.99
  • Jan. 30th after 8 am: $2.99

Afraid you might miss out? Not to worry! February is hiding some good deals as well and will be back to tell you all about them when the month comes knocking.
Be sure to bookmark and add it to your calendar!
Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle is available for purchase now.
Amazon Kindle: US

Don’t worry UK users, Febuarary is your month. 😉

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