Prequel Title: Before Lilah

What Will You do for the One You Love?

Before there was Lilah and the events that took place in Middleton, MA, there was the ordinary good girl…Lynaly. Deep in the heart of Mason, OH, who lived a very normal life.
However, that would soon all change…
After a catastrophic car accident claims the life of Sam, Lynaly’s boyfriend, and leaves her distraught, broken, and in a coma. She feels she can only find answers within the book her beloved and her were trying to obtain. At Death’s Door, in her mind, she meets the beautiful Lilith. Someone who shares her loss, and the longing to be reunited with her long lost love.
Through a pact, Lilith can speak to Lynaly via telepathy and temporarily possess her using the blood jewels that Lilith once wore so many ages ago.
Events are set into motion. A secret order has demanded the head of Lynaly at all costs. A mysterious man in a wooden mask vows to stop Lilith from entering this world and to put an end to her plan of vengeance. Even if that means hurting the girl whom Lilith uses as her vessel.
Armed with Lilith’s magic and her guardian, Sheila, Lynaly begins looking for the chance of a lifetime to resurrect the lost Samael.

The History in the Making…

Learn the origin of Lilith, Samael, Lynaly, Shiela, Atreyu and other characters that are explored in Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. Learn the steps that were taken to solidify Lilith’s influence over Lynaly, and how dastardly Atreyu is.
While this novella is intended to be stand-alone, you’ll find rich development and lore on the characters that have stories to tell within each titled story.

You Know Her

You know of Lilah’s story and the Lynaly that was there. Ride along to see the lead up to the events of Middleton, MA. Learn of Lynaly’s lament.

Official title announcement, release date, and more information to come.

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