The Unveiling of The Final Cover



Ladies and gentlemen,
I am pleased to give you the final rendition of the book cover for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle.

Deluxe cover for "Lilah's Guide to Hoyle."
“Black Thirteen, boys. This is where we part!”

The cover art was done by Chuck Regan, who has a fantastic art arsenal, and one who I recommend. I also recommend using the site Reedsy to find an editor, ghostwriter, marketer, artist, etc. that fits you. I was pleased with my results and also it was a blast to work with my editor Rachel Small, and artist Chuck Regan.
We’ve come a long way with the history of covers and that has been exciting as well. From my basic put-together ones to the pristine, shiny one that lays before you.
Now, for the fun part…
Those who sign up for our email list here at, you will get a digital copy of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle for free.
This offer is exclusive only here and won’t be found anywhere else. It is also set to end by December 6, 2016.
Paperback and Hardcover copies of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle will be made available soon on Amazon and other retailers.
Those who pre-ordered or donated in the beginning stages will be getting something extra with their orders.
Thank you to all those who have helped along the way.
We hope you enjoy Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle and look forward to the other titles coming next year.

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