The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Portalpocalypse [Part Two]


The Bear God met Diablo head on. He grunted in pain as he slid down the massive being’s forehead.

“Pathetic gnat,” Diablo grinned, “when you last encountered me, I was not at full power. Now,” the Lord of Hell raised his hands to the heavens, calling down meteors of destruction and more demons, “NOW I AM AT FULL POWER! Face the wrath of the Lord of Hell!”

“Don’t think I do not have any tricks left, Big Red,” said the Bear God as he landed on the ground.

“More are approaching!” Rico shouted providing covering fire.

Kronam swung his sword around in an impressive manner, “I call upon my ancestors, grant me the strength and vitality to defeat my foes!” A flash of blue lightning struck the sword, infusing it and its wielder with an incredible amount of power. His eyes raged in an unwavering blue-white. “Today, your legion falls, Diablo, and with it, you!”

Kronam charged into a mass of demons, monsters, and other assorted foes. He dispensed justice to those that dared stand in his path. He charged from foe to foe, sometimes cleaving ten or more with one blow.

“Rico, Rubricon, volley shot now!” he yelled.

The marksman and mage fired bullets and spells into the air, giving the heavens a brilliant display of streaking magic infused bullets, fireballs, icicles, and arcane orbs. The ground erupted around Kronam in an impressive display of monsters being blown up, impaled, incinerated, disintegrated—their shrieks stifled by the icy touch of Death.

It was all for naught, though. More poured from the portal. MOTHER was fast approaching. They needed a miracle and needed it now.

Maker, can you help us out down here?


The Bear God found no one listening. “Typical.” He assessed the situation, the odds, and charted the best course of action. He sighed in knowing one true way they could beat MOTHER, Diablo, save the day, go home and have an ice-cold pint. It wouldn’t be pretty, though. The Bear God heard the sound of a dog barking from behind him. He turned around and saw Dogmeat tearing through enemies, ripping out their throats, and leaping from monster to monster. His canine friend came and whimpered.

“Hey, boy. What do you say? Think it’s time to go home?” the Bear God asked, petting him. Dogmeat barked and then looked up at the fast-approaching comet, and then growled. “Yeah, boy, don’t worry. I’ll be back.”

Sin closed his eyes and dug deep for his power that laid dormant. “It’s time to take it up a notch.” First, he glowed red, then blue, and then he emanated a white aura. His fur glistened a golden touch at the tips of each strand of hair. He looked up to the comet and leaped into the air, flying straight for it.

“HA! Look, your pathetic ‘Bear God’ flees, leaving you all behind,” Diablo laughed.

Rubricon and the others all watched as the mighty bear flew up. “What the hell is he doing?”

Ben changed his right arm into a large Mirelurk claw and crushed a horde of monsters. “He is going to destroy MOTHER.”

“Give that bitch hell, Sin!” Rico shouted.

Ben looked to Diablo. “I believe we have some unsettled business.”

The monstrous demon looked down at the small glowing being, cackling. “You dare challenge me? I will crush you underfoot!”

Ben grinned, “I haven’t been completely honest either.” In a flash, Ben grew to the same size as Diablo.

The stunned demon took a step back. “What sorcery is this?”

“POWER. UNLEASHED.” Ben roared, sending out waves of energy that caused all the demons and monsters around him to explode in a kaleidoscope of goo, and Diablo to fall onto his back.

“I may have underestimated you, small one. No matter. There is no hope you could ever have in beating me!” the demon snapped back.

“I don’t plan on beating you. I plan on destroying you entirely,” said Ben with a malevolent grin.

A mighty white fist flew through the air and met with the red demon lord’s face, causing him to fall to his knees.


The air began to thin quickly and soon; the Bear God was in space. “S—so fucking cold,” he said. The comet was getting closer. He focused on above his emotions, above pain, above everything else. Energy surged from within, and he erupted into a blaze of kaleidoscopic energy. He swore he could hear someone laughing, another crying, and others dying somewhere far off.

A final thrust of energy gave him the speed he needed. He collided with the comet and bored to its core, then unleashed a massive burst of energy. The force of the explosion sent him hurtling backward, on a path for Earth. Now, a new comet was born, and there burned a god.


Back on the surface, Rubricon and the others saw the explosion of the comet. They cheered at the victory of their friend. Then their short reprieve was turned to despair as they saw the new being hurtling back towards them.

“What the hell happened?” Rubricon asked.

“This doesn’t look good. Even with MOTHER gone, this could still take everything out,” said Rico.

Not far off, Dante fended off the enemies that attacked him, dodging elegantly. He was, however, unable to land any blows upon the monsters. His frustration was growing, as was his impatience. Finally, he snapped. Demonic magics and influence overcame him, the magical orbs in his sword glowed a hellish red.

“Knights of the Round, heed my call!”

Several figures in different ornate sets of armor traversed existence from the orbs and began cutting, slicing, smashing Dante’s enemies. When they finished their assault, a great knight that radiated gold emerged and raged upon the foes. Dante then flicked his wrist and set them all ablaze in a fiery inferno.

With his mind now calm and the enemies’ dead, he returned to his normal state, sighing in relief.


Elsewhere, on the far edges of the Earth’s atmosphere, an unknown female voice spoke to the unconscious Bear God. “Why do you fight the inevitable? You know you will lose. The cycle must repeat, as it has for millennia. You seek to throw the order of the universe out of whack?”

“Because destiny can be changed, the future is fickle and never truly defined. It is ours to make. The cycle of pain, death, and destruction must end. How are we to learn from our mistakes if we do not get the chance to redeem ourselves and learn?” the Bear God replied.

“What you speak of is a pipe dream and nothing more,” said the gentle voice.

“What you talk of is a cycle that will keep repeating history and offer no other outcome. You speak of madness, insanity,” the Bear God spoke, beginning to awaken. “I will fight for my family, for my home, for my world. I will break your cycle. I will bring order to the universe, and I will be damned if I am told otherwise!”

Attached to the Bear God was a giant squid-like figure with golden eyes that tried to burrow itself in him. Its maw snapped at him and tried to enter his mouth. Sin hugged the being and began sending his energy into the being and focused on getting back to Earth. “I think I need to introduce you to a friend of mine.”


Ben and Diablo fought, with Ben apparently having the upper hand. “Please, no more. I beg of you,” pleaded the demon lord.
Ben stood above the fallen demon, “I offer you no mercy.” He raised a fist like a mighty gavel and brought it down. The image of the Lord of Hell scattered and then faded to nothing, leaving Ben puzzled.

“Surprise!” Diablo cried as he thrust his claws through Ben.

As he fell to his knees and felt life leaving him, he looked up to see the Bear God falling from the heavens. “Strike. Him. Down.” And like that, Ben dropped to the ground lifeless.

“No, Ben!” Rubricon cried. He felt the rage deep within stir. It was something he hadn’t felt in a long time, not since…

He erupted into an ethereal form, where ice, fire, arcane, and other elements flowed. His eyes burned bright with the elements. He raised his hand to the sky and launched several attacks in every direction. Annihilating any remaining demons and monsters and putting a huge barrier in front of the portal.

Diablo’s back singed, and he roared in pain. “Miserable gnat! You will pay for that!”

Percy roared back and glowed a dark purple and charged the massive demon, with Rico and the others following in attack. Together, they struck at the Lord of Hell, knocking him back towards the portal. Demons, monsters, and more built up against the portal. It wouldn’t be long until it burst, allowing all of them to be free once again.


High above, the Bear God roared in anger. The heavens echoed as if a thousand thunderstorms simultaneously went off. “Mother, meet Diablo. I think you two,” Sin hurled the squid being at Diablo and continue his projectile path, “are a match made in heaven!”
Diablo raised his hands, the barrier holding back the monsters behind the portal fell. MOTHER collided with Diablo, causing him to spin around and stagger, then the Bear God slammed into him and pushed him into the portal, going along with him. The portal then closed. The others slew the few monsters that slipped through hastily.

It was over. Diablo was defeated, MOTHER was no more, and the Bear God was gone.

“What now?” Rico said to Rubricon.

Maker, can you restore Ben?



Rubricon looked to the ground. “Something has happened to the Maker. He’s not there. I guess we’re on our own.”
Wherever you are, Sin. I hope you can get back.


Elsewhere, at Atom’s Crater, looking in with their looking glass, the Anti-Bear God watched as the Bear God was banished to Hell.

A grin stretched across their lips. “Your self-sacrifice and honor is your downfall.”

“ABG, you have failed,” said a member of the council.

“On the contrary, it has gone all according to plan,” The Anti-Bear God said, putting away their looking glass. “And now, I believe we have business to discuss regarding my place as Head of the Council.”

“Preposterous!” another member shouted.

The head council member raised their hand. “You are to heed our beck and call, fiend. Your choice of words next better be good or else.”

The ABG laughed, “I can write you all out of existence. Your best option to save you was that pathetic Bear God. Now, you can either agree to my ascension or face your death.”

The Evil Council shouted to one another, some even readied magical attacks. The head council member raised their hand. “Enough! There needs not be bloodshed over such a trivial manner.” They sighed, “Very well. We agree on your ascension.”

“Good,” the ABG said, “but I will be taking it regardless, along with all of your magics.” The Anti-Bear God raised their right hand and siphoned out the essences of the council members one by one. Some got off attacks, but they were rendered useless.

The ABG sighed with renewed vigor. “It is so good to be evil.”

***End of Season One***

The Bear God and Friends Will Return in 2017!

And then before that…BAT OUT OUT OF HELL
NO more “AND THEN…”


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