Recap of Last Week's Posts Nov 6 – Nov 13, 2016



Good morning, evening, afternoon…Good day!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves in some way. This recap is going to be rather short. In a sense, I honestly debated on not doing it but oh well.

On with the show!


Missed a post from last week, or perhaps, you decided to skip it? Never fear! Here’s what you missed. Get caught up!
The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal was the only post made last week, as this Friday marks the end of The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal.
There was also a sort of non-cannon type post regarding The Bear God and the 2016 Election.
Meanwhile, Season One of The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God is ending. Season Two is being written, and a sneak preview will premiere on its anniversary December 15. Season Two will be in full swing in January!
Johnny Nightwalker will be finishing its remaining chapter before I go on hiatus to do other projects that I want to write about. One happens to consist of 600+ pages, unedited, unformatted, and has around 20+ pages of outline. The second installment of The Lodestone Files will be released by the end of this year, and possibly something else related to…

Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle

It’s coming! No, it is. The proofs for Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle are coming. Pre-orders will be handled first, with some of those extra goodies I promised.
Prices are as follows:
Paperback (Signed, Numbered, plus a digital copy). $11 USD + $7 S&H
Hardcover (Signed, Numbered, plus a digital copy). $19 USD + $7 S&H
Digital Copy $2.99 USD
Bundle (Hardcover, Paperback, Digital.) All copies (minus digital) are signed and numbered. $25 USD + $7 S&H
If you would like to pre-order, click the “donate” button for PayPal on the right side, and specify in your donation note.

Don’t wanna buy what you don’t know?

As a bonus for signing up on our mailing list, I will reward you with a free ebook copy of Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle. Simply sign up, and I will send it to you via email like Shazaam. This offer is valid only until November 30, 2016. You will also not this offer anywhere else.
So, you get three books for free. The Lodestone Files: The Things in the ShadowsAbnormal Side Effects, and Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle…all for signing up. It’s quite the haul.
What are you waiting for? Sign up! Please?

Alright, so this week I recommend staying tuned for the newest and latest..and last posts for a few stories.
There were no postings on my author site: Robert J. S. T. McCartney.

Deals? Yes, We Have Those

If you haven’t yet, you can download the ebook novelette The Lodestone Files: The Things in the Shadows for FREE on AmazoniBooksBarnes and Noble.
The Lodestone Files “Part Two” is in the works and is estimated to be out near the end of this year.

You can also download the anthology Abnormal Side Effects for Free on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble

You can also get your free copies of both titles from me here.

That’s it! I wish you all a good day and stay safe out there. Until next time.

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