The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Season Finale Premiering…Soon! And an Update

Hey folks,
Rob here dropping a line about the series The Diary of The Wasteland Bear God which is coming to its season finale. No, not series finale—SEASON…SEASON finale. Did I stress that enough there? OK.
So what does that mean exactly for The Bear God and his friends (and enemies)? Glad you asked (even though you didn’t). Well, that means that there will be season two, and season one will be compiled, compressed, edited, archived, and turned into a handy-dandy book of great justice! Of course, I have to contact some people, but I will be looking to get it illustrated and then some.
The process of describing the highs, the lows, the whos, the whats, and what the fuckery has begun. This time will also pave the way for some other projects to be touched (giggity-giggity goo!) and be pushed for release. It’s also the holidays. I have a thing for Thanksgiving and another for Christmas that will be done, BG style, of course.
Meanwhile, as the season ends for The Bear God, the series for Bob (our beloved chronic suicidal) will be coming to a close very, very soon. I suggest you find out #WhatHappensToBob in the coming weeks.
Johnny Nightwalker isn’t ending anytime soon. However, that isn’t exactly a series (so to speak) it’s just a story that I am telling that is decently long. Honestly, though, it pales in comparison (as far as size; “that’s what she said”) to the post-apocalyptic novel that is 600+ pages and then some. It’s been a work in progress for awhile, and I am looking to have it completed next year or 2018 (for release).
So, kiddies, young and old, hold onto your pants (or don’t, who cares) because we’re shifting gears! Oh, did I forget to mention the prequel to Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle? Ho ho hoo… That’s a different post. 😉
Until next time!

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