The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: I Will Possess Your Heart

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Bodies of the enemies of our intrepid heroes flew left and right all over the base. Their souls being siphoned by the portal that was being powered up stronger every passing moment deep in the depths of the compound.


Down below, by the portal’s control panel, The Toymaker smiled sadistically, “It won’t be long now.”
He the proceeded to do a small dance around the platform.


Monsters and experiments that were unleashed on our heroes all fell to their mighty, capable, and plot armored hands. In fact, we could have done a long drawn out fight scenario where they did fancy slaughtering skills against the Raiders, Mirelurks, and the soul-sucking shenanigans Ben did with some Deathclaws, and the Hybrid Synths that Kronam gained some vengeance on…but we won’t.
Soon enough, the group reached the basement where the portal and the Toymaker were housed. The elevator being loud and obnoxious already gave the signal that someone or something was coming, but it didn’t matter to the Toymaker. He was fixated on his dance and summoning the ultimate end to destroy the world—to cleanse it and bring it to ruin, and be a right hand in his new partner’s “taking over worlds” business.
Shortly after their descent, the group filed out and cornered the Toymaker by his portal.


“Ah, the gang is all here! How pleasant…” said the Toymaker.
“It’s over; you’ve lost.” Said The Bear God.
“Have I? You could beat me, kill me, cut me, sue me, do me, but I will still win…and if no, the ABG will. Which is still a win for me.” The Toymaker then laughed and did a gesture with his arms and hands, directing the group to “suck it.”
The heroes looked to one another, then back at the madman.
“We kill you, disable the portal, it’s over. The ABG will be dealt with soon enough.” Said Rubricon, cracking his knuckles.
“I’m going to enjoy breaking your neck, you son of a bitch,” said Rico as he cocked his rifle.
“Ah, ah, ah, now just hold on a moment. You may want to rethink your strategy…” the Toymaker said as he pointed up towards the ceiling.
“So? It’s a ceiling…what about it?” said Sin, the Bear God.
“Oh that’s right…” after a few clicks and a key entry, a large projection appeared across the entire ceiling of the basement. The sight of a giant comet heading straight for Earth.
“Mother of God…” said Rubricon.
“That’s right! ABG decided to do their little summoning trick, which they dubbed as MOTHER. I don’t know all the details or care, but let’s just say it’s a real life ender!” The Toymaker then laughed hysterically.
“So, what’s with the portal then?” asked Ben.
“This? Oh, this is just a little project I had been working on when you fought Diablo. You see, he and I had an understanding, believe it or not, while you guys were fighting. He gave me a deal, pretty good. The best. Did you know he offers the best deals anywhere? It’s true; you won’t get a better deal somewhere else…” the Toymaker paced around rattling off, “anyway, I figured I’d do a collect call and use the souls of all those you’ve killed and that are in abundance around here as payment. In short, he’s coming back, and he’s bringing friends and his great army. In fact, I hear that this portal may bring in folks from other universes just as much. I am sure you’re quite familiar with Dark Souls three, right?”
The group looked to one another. “That’s pretty bad…if that portal goes live and starts letting all them baddies here, we’re going to be fucked royally and not in the best kind of way,” Rubricon said.
“Yep! And there is not a damn thing you can do about it!” The Toymaker laughed.
On the other side of the portal, they could all hear the familiar laugh of Diablo. A demonic eye appeared as the entire portal, peering at them all. It shifted side to side, gazing upon them, never blinking.
“One more is all that is needed. Feed the machine. Fulfill your destiny.” Growled Diablo.
“We need to keep the Toymaker alive and figure out a way to shut that thing down.” Said Sin.
“Why? After all, he’s done to us? Fuck him! We’ll find another way; there is always another way. I mean, look at life, it found a way.” Said Rico.
“We want him dead too, but we gotta look at the big picture here. Killing him would unleash more than just Hell on Earth.” Said the Bear God.
“We’re going to be annihilated anyway. What use is it if we have to fight our way out? We’re used to it. We can do it.” Said Rico, other SS members nodded in agreement.
“It is a farce—a foolish attempt. The Toymaker killed your friends, your family, your teammates! He would even camp you if he could! He doesn’t care about you or anyone else.” The dark voice snapped.
“You think they will kill me for you? We had a deal!” cried the Toymaker.
“The VERY BEST deal,” bellowed Diablo. There was a loud crackle. Ben then started convulsing and fell to the ground.
“Ben!” Sin rushed to Ben’s side. “Are you alright? Ben? BEN!”


In the familiar darkness in his mind, Ben found himself confronting the horrors he had come to absorb and fend off.
“Ho boy, well, here we go again!” he said before charging at the faceless horrors.



Holy Diver

And then before that… GOOD HELP (IS SO HARD TO FIND)


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