Johnny Nightwalker: Touch of Grey

Johnny decided that it would do some good that he stayed away from school. There was no telling if his mind was playing tricks on him. That if maybe the Agency had warped his mind somehow or if there was truth to the dream. If it were true, it would probably be best to steer clear of the school.
Still, there was justice to be had for Jerry, and Johnny wanted to make sure it was done right. Ted wasn’t the kind of kid that would be alone, even at home. Johnny had plotted to have Red’s squirrels assassinate him during the day. The way he wanted to go about it, though, there were plenty of ideas. Finally, he had settled on one. Death by a moving vehicle. However, the timing would have been everything.
Johnny thought about how to go about it.
Let’s see.
First, we’ll have Red’s first squadron break into a vehicle on a hill. Have them steer it until it makes contact with Ted down the hill where he will be walking. Have Chico trip him up and fall into the street. By then, the vehicle should crush his skull. The squad and Chico get out since no one would believe that animals could be coordinated enough to kill someone.
Johnny smiled to himself, thinking he had come up with a great plan. He told Red and Chico the plan and the details.
“I will have to stay home, at least for a while, so I have an alibi. Come back once it’s done, OK?”
Red and the others nodded. “Don’t ya worry, lad. Jerry will get his vengeance.”
Johnny nodded. I know, I just wish I could be there to watch him die and his life fade. His gaze and thought drifted to anger, resulting in him clenching his fists.
Soon enough, Red and the others left, leaving Johnny home alone. His parents wondered why his sudden change in staying home today, but they respected his decision. After all, it could have been too much on his first day back. Little did they know, though, that his plans were going to come to fruition.


Red chirped out orders to his squirrels, while Chico tailed Ted. Red’s squadron found a gray ’88 Chevy pickup truck and worked their magic. Soon, the truck was roaring with life.
Red spoke telepathically to Chico. “Your turn.”
Chico nodded to his invisible partner in crime. He picked up speed and chased down Ted.
On his left and right were his goonish bodyguards. They would be aware if anything happened to their “boss” if it were human. They weren’t susceptible to animals, thankfully. Nor was Ted.
Soon enough, Ted was being tripped up by a Chihuahua nipping at his heels. He tried to kick it away, but it was for naught. The gray pickup truck sped down the hill. Ted spun around and fell to the ground, and in the next passing moment, the wheels of the vehicle struck his head—crushing it. Blood and brains splattered all over the street and sidewalk, and the walls of the tires. A bloody trail led down the road. His bodyguards fell over limp, unconscious on the sidewalk. The squirrels having ditched the truck before it collided into a tree.
The deed was done, and Jerry could now rest in peace.


Johnny smiled to himself as he flipped through the channels on the TV. He knew what had transpired. For you, Jerry. Leave the rest to me.


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