The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)

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The Toymaker’s eyes moved line to line as to the quantity and kind, to use for his preparations against the Bear God and his friends. “Let’s see, barrels of radioactive waste, acid, all the mechanized Ghouls, the hybrid Mutants, modified Synths, upgraded Raiders.” His eyes stopped at the various mechanized Wasteland creatures he had captured. A grin sprawled across his face into a full out sadistic smile. “I had almost forgotten about some of these wonderful toys.” He laughed as he mashed on the keyboard.
“Sir, we have placed sensors where you requested them,” a guard said, interrupting the Toymaker’s moment of fun.
His head slowly turned, slightly sideways, his gaze malevolent and hideous. “What have I told you buffoons about disturbing me while I am planning and having my fun?”
“Uh, I, uh, I apologize, sir. I meant no disrespect. I thought it would be best to inform you immediately,” said the guard shaking in its boots.
The Toymaker turned his attention back to the screen that was now regarding his guards. “You thought? You…thought? There’s been a lot of thinking going on lately, and it’s rather starting to get on my nerves.” Perhaps, I was wrong to have given you free will. I suppose that is the fallacy in organic matter; the natural order of the chaos balancing out in some shape and form. A conscience is building and battling for control…yes, yes, this will not do.”
After a few seconds of keyboard tapping, the guard exploded into dust. “Good help is oh so hard to find,” said the Toymaker as he initiated to have the remaining guards all exploded. Eruptions occurred in unison all throughout his lab and base.
“Sometimes, you just have to know when to cut your losses, hahaha!” cackled the Toymaker.
“Now then, let’s get things rolling…” his eyes scanned over the schematics for his latest creation, an interdimensional portal of summoning. “Ah, yes. I do believe it’s time to bring back some old friends.”


Elsewhere, the Anti-Bear God (ABG) picked up their diary. They flipped through a few pages, landing finally on one that allegedly opens a communication link with the Evil Council. “Let’s see here…” They studied the runes and incantation, then spoke it aloud. A small window-like portal opened to an area where a group of cloaked figures all stood in a black and red chamber.
“ABG, it is good to see you again,” said one of the members.
“Greetings, Evil Council members. I trust you are well?” said the mysterious Anti-Bear God.
“Yes. Now then, what is your reasoning in contacting us?” asked one of the Evil Council members.
The figure nodded. “The Bear God moves to strike at the Toymaker and I. I believe it is in the best interest to cut our losses with the Toymaker, as he was plotting against us with some red skinned monstrosity for some time. I believe it is time to stretch them in every direction and launch Project MOTHER.”
Silence befell the members of the council. “We see. Very well. Meet us tomorrow at Atom’s Crater. Initiate MOTHER and we shall see you soon.”
The Anti-Bear God nodded. Going to the window, he flipped his diary to the very last page titled ‘MOTHER.’
After reciting a few lines, energy gathered in their hands. With a flick of their wrist, they hurled the massive energy into space, where a portal opened, and a huge comet began its new course for Earth.
The ABG began to set off for the meeting place but caught a glimpse of themselves in the mirror. The black cloak draped over them; their entire being engulfed in darkness. A pair of beady red eyes stared back; blinking chromatically. A hint of sadness at first seemed to emanate from the being, and then a fist met the mirror—shattering it into pieces.
Glass crunched under their fist as they slowly withdrew it from the wall. The Anti-Bear God smirked. “I will wipe man off the face of Earth. Nature will reclaim its rightful place. There is nothing anything, or anyone can do about it. Not even you, Maker.”
You don’t have to do this.
“You had your chance, old man. Now, I will take the mantle of God and rule this world and the universe, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Not you, your ‘merry band of misfits, or the Maker.” The Anti-Bear God began cackling as they snapped their fingers and opened a portal and stepped through, diary in hand. The chamber left in silence.


High in the sky, a brilliant spec of light glowed brightly. Doom was coming. Mother…was, at last, coming home.

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