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Hello, everyone!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend. However, before I go and enjoy all the fun things that will be happening. I wanted to see if you’d like a free book.
Whether it is The Lodestone Files: The Things in the Shadows (part two coming soon!) or Abnormal Side Effects, you get the freedom to choose. Yep, your vote matters. Hell, you can even not get one, that’s fine too. I will be having more things coming up for people to read.
Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle is still being modified, and there will be a sweet little deal about it when it;’s ready for your hungry eyes. I see you, Eric Carmen.
Until next time, have a happy weekend, folks!
P.S. Also, for everyone that signs up and gets either (or both copies) I will give you a copy of the newest installment of The Lodestone Files when it’s available, and a little something extra in the near future. This offer won’t be available to non-subscribers. 😉

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