The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Horrible People [Part 2]

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As Rubricon and the others grieved for the loss of their friend, others calculated a retaliatory strike against the Toymaker.
Haley talked with Rico. “You know he’ll be expecting us to come after him, especially with the stunt he pulled. Who’s to say he didn’t rig the other mission?”
He was still mulling over the actions of the Bear God. He wanted revenge, not just for those that were lost due to the sinister maniacal ‘scientist’ but also for the one person who had shown kindness when no one else did. Not in a long time.
Shortly after that, a blinding light fell over where the Bear God had fallen and DC 009’s…pieces rested. The group gathered and watched on as the pair was reformed. After a moment, the Bear God stared at his friends.
“I can never get used to that,” said Sin.
The Deathclaw stood with everyone surrounding him. “What? I—I’m alive?”
The Bear God walked over. “Yeah, and you have your old body back…with a little extra horsepower under the hood. Think of it as a gift.”
“I do not understand.”
Sin put a hand on the Deathclaw’s shoulder. “You’re no longer DC 009. You are Percival. You are free to live your life and also gain vengeance on the Toymaker and preferably help us get to the Anti-Bear God.”
“I see.” Percival stared around at the faces that greeted him. “Thank you.”
How about a little “Hey, good job. Thanks, Maker. You’re a pretty cool guy.”
“What? Who is that?” asked Percival.
“Just the Maker. He remade you and me. Don’t mind him.” said Sin, shaking his head.
“I see. Well, thank you, Maker. I appreciate the chance for vengeance for myself, for my family and those lost.”
I like this kid. Maybe I should make him the savior instead.
“Really? Don’t you have something else to do?” asked Sin, shouting at the Maker.
The group could hear the voice mumbling, wandering off somewhere; the weather mimicked, starting to resemble a thunderstorm.
Rico approached the big bear. “Bear God, we are with you on your quest to get the Toymaker. We have our reasons obviously but now that we are free of his reach—“
“It’s cool. You were just doing what you had to do,” Sin replied.
Rico stared blankly at him. “Well, in that case, uh…thanks?”
“Yep,” piped Sin.
The Bear God turned his attention to the Deathclaw. “Alright, Percy, you think you can tell us more about the ABG and the Toymaker?”
“Yes, I will tell you everything I know.”
After a moment of telling the group of what the Toymaker and the Anti-Bear God had planned (that he knew of anyways), the group had reached a consensus.
“Alright, Rico, would you and your squad be able to get us in?” asked the Bear God.
Sin pondered a thought while continuing. “Great. Now normally I’d like for us to go in guns blazing but I’m having a hankering of wanting to do some sneaking.”
“Really? Sneaking? That doesn’t suit you at all,” said Rubricon.
“What can I say? I am full of surprises,” replied Sin.
“Full of shit more like it,” muttered Rubricon.
Ben got excited at the idea, “Ooh, can I come with? I love sneaking around and snapping necks.”
“Shame, I was hoping we’d charge in the front, slay our enemies and bathe in their blood,” said Kronam with sadness in his tone.
“As long as we can get them out of our hair, I am fine with any way we take ‘em out,” said Dante.
The Bear God nodded. “Very well then.”
The group all set out for the Toymaker’s, with a vengeance in their hearts.


Elsewhere, tables were overturned, vials of various chems broken. Guards pleaded with their master.
“Please, sir, we beg you. We had nothing to do with their defusing!”
“I know one of you had some part in it, and I will find out who!” yelled the Toymaker as he smashed a folding chair against one of the guards.
A voice came over a communicator, “Neither of them did it. It was the Bear God.”
“What? That’s preposterous!” cried the mad scientist.
“He is the Bear God. However, that won’t be for long,” the voice seemed to reassure. “Come now, Toymaker, we have plans to make for some guests you’ll be expecting.”
“Yes, ABG, I will make the preparations now,” said the scientist with a maniacal grin.



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