Sammy Gets a Friend and…

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Fallout Pip-Boy Watch Face for Samsung Gear Fit2
Fallout Pip-Boy Watch Face

So my wife recently purchased a Samsung Gear Fit2 watch. It was rumored to be one of the best friends Sammy could have. Needless to say, they hit it off; even out of the box. It was a cinch to set up, sync, and instantly recognized its superior Bear God.
What’s next to do, is import some music on it so that way when I am out, I can just use the watch vs. having to carry Sammy. Though, I guess I could eventually get the Samsung watch. Maybe one day. Something.
I also wanted to add some pizazz to the watch face. So I downloaded the Fallout inspired watch face. Though, I am thinking I may do one of the paid ones or a Metal Gear one. The one pictured above is a freebie that I found.
This November, I also come into possessing the new Bluetooth Pip-boy. I can’t wait.
Until then, here’s to a healthier and more fit Bear God. Hoo! Booty shake! Booty shake! *flex*
Oh and the Fit2 is now known as Fignuts. Why? Just because I can.

We are going well on our way to more than just another war. We’re on the brink of a civil war, a world war, a possible nuclear war…when and where does it end?
Are we destined to repeat the errors of our ancestors? We strive for change, and yet, the only thing we change is how we destroy ourselves, each other, and our planet. How long is it that we look to the stars and do the same?
Our future looks bleak, with darkness encroaching every which way. What will time bring us? Will we bring about change (for the better)? Or are we doomed to a faster trip to extinction?
Time will only tell.

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