The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Horrible People [Part 1]

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In the moment where he met his…untimely end…Percival aka DC 009 projected a final thought to the Bear God.
Thank you.
Confused, the Bear God looked at the mechanical Deathclaw’s eyes just before the detonation.
Percival had completed his mission. He found the one that would end the Toymaker and his plans and give him the bigger piece of the puzzle as to who the Anti-Bear God was.
Now, as he laid on his back, time seemed to halt. At this moment in time, he conversed with the Maker in his mind.
So, is there anything you can do about the remaining bombs? I am getting tired of being blown all over the place.
Funny, I thought you liked being blown.
The Bear God smirked, I do, I won’t lie; however, I find this kind of being tossed around like a fucking rag doll annoying.
Have you ever wondered what the Big Bang was?
Well, that’s random. What, you busting a nut?
Something like that.
The Bear God could hear a snicker followed by a sigh.
Look, I can’t just go giving people plot armor and stuff willy nilly just because you ask. That Deathclaw served his purpose; his destiny fulfilled.
So, what you’re saying is you don’t want to do anything about it because it may prolong things or just make you upset that you have more to do? Am I right?
No, I don’t mind it at all. I do have plenty of things to do, though. You’re not the only one with a family you know.
The Bear God grumbled incoherently. Look, it’s still, what mid-season? If that.
Yeah, there’s still more to come and all that stuff, but there is another.
Another what?
Another story that must be finished and then I have other… The Maker cleared his throat, things to attend to if you know what I mean.
The Bear God sighed. Yeah, yeah, I get ya. Look, let’s just see where this goes, bring back the Deathclaw, disarm the bombs, and yeah. We’ll call it good.
Well, you could always gather the seven Dragon balls, the Maker laughed.
Really? OK, then how about you give me the notebook so I can just write down some assholes names and get it over with? I am not asking for Genie…though, I would love to have Robin Williams back. Hell, I’d go for having all the greats back.
You’re getting off track a little there, Sin.
You know damn well what I mean, snarled the Bear God.
The Maker sighed. There was a moment of silence between the two entities.


Time flowed again and with it the near demise of the remaining members of the SS. The Bear God sat up to watch them all begin to light up like Christmas trees.
He’s electrocuting them! If you’re going to do something do it now, dammit!
There was no answer from the Maker.
The Bear God had lost his patience with his ‘maker.’ He got up and let loose a monstrous roar that echoed across the Wasteland. Shockwaves erupted from the beast, passing through all those nearby. “IF YOU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING…” Sin yelled, “then I will do it myself!”
A light blue aura emanated from him and consumed him wholly. The light pierced the heavens, practically turning the night to day, and out into space. His eyes raged a blood red. One by one he focused on each of the members of the SS and began dispersing his energies.
Each one fell to the ground, encapsulated by the Bear God’s light. As they all were saved, the light began to fade back to normal. The night returned.
Everyone looked to the Bear God who stood panting, exhausted. He fell to the ground, lifeless. A final thought had passed before he embraced the darkness. I’ll give myself to save them all.
The others crowded around the lifeless Bear God. “Sin? Sin? SIIIIIIIIIIIN!” Rubricon shouted.
Rico and the other SS members looked down at the magnificent beast that had spared them all from death. He…he gave his life for us? Why?
“What do we do now?” said Haley.
Rico stared at the ground, where the Bear God laid, and the pieces that remained of DC 009. “Well, for starters…I am thinking of revenge.”


You’re such a show-off, you know that?
Just shut up and revive me already? I don’t feel like having another episode where you take forever to remake, slash, restore me.
Ah, ah, you keep that up, and I may just forget. The Maker then mumbled something incoherently. Something about a “Jive ass turkey.”

Pace is the Trick
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