Johnny Nightwalker: Back in Black

Johnny awoke some time later, letting out a big yawn.
Well, that was a clusterfuck.
Johnny recalled the dream, Jerry, and all the people that stood behind him. The memories that had been suppressed resurfaced. Blurred faces and the shadows that had seemed to escape his sight were now whole, complete. He knew well enough of who was friend and foe now.
He knew, though, that some of the trainers were still elusive, especially the second handler that was created in Omega Project. Johnny also had an inkling as to where the handler that killed Jerry was at.
He dressed for the day, for it was this day that he would return to school. Venturing downstairs, he greeted his parents.
“Morning, mom, dad.”
“Johnny? You’re up early. And you’re dressed too?” said his mother.
“Yeah, I figured that it’s useless to keep grieving and that I need to put things behind me and focus on the future. That, there are more important things…” Johnny recalled the dream from last night again. “Plus, I have some unfinished business.”
“Are you sure? We could continue you in homeschool.” said his father as he put down the newspaper.
“Yep.” Johnny gave a node. He looked at the clock and then turned around for the door. “I’ll be home later. I love you.”
“We love you too…” said his parents as they watched him leave.
Gavin smiled at Jenna. “He’s fully aware now.”
Jenna nodded. “I just hope he is careful.”


Johnny rode his bike to school. Practically every kid he passed gave him a look. Some whispered while some made public comments, some snickered. He didn’t care. He wasn’t there to learn; he was there to get justice for a friend.
He trotted up the stairs and went to open the door.
“Well, well, if it isn’t Dr. Kevorkian. Finally decided to stop moping around and find your balls?” said a male voice behind him.
Johnny stopped in his tracks. He turned around with a grin on his face.
“What? No reply? Did you go mute from sucking on your mom’s tits?” poked the boy.
Johnny snickered. “Nah, I just don’t need to waste my time with an insignificant bottom feeder, such as yourself, Theodore.”
A crowd of kids gathered around the boys as things began to escalate.
“What did you say to me? It’s Ted. TED!” said the boy.
“Teddy bear? Theodore the bed wetter? How does it feel having a taste of your own medicine?” asked Johnny.
“Fight! Fight!” kids began to chant.
Ted gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. “I’ll make you join your pathetic friend in the grave soon.”
Johnny yawned. “Try all you like. I will leave you kissing the dirt before you can even touch me.”
“Ooh, somebody’s been practicing their pickup lines.” said a random kid in the crowd.
Ted snapped his fingers and two other, older boys joined him at his side.
Johnny laughed. “Ah, you can’t fight your own battles that you have to call for your lapdogs? Well, doesn’t that seem typical of you.”
“Mess him up,” said Ted.
The two bigger boys marched for Johnny, both with an eerie glow in their eyes.
Johnny sighed. “Alright then, I guess we’re not going to talk about the weather.”
The two boys swung wildly for him but kept missing. He was able to dodge with ease, sometimes having the two punch each other, which only seemed to piss them off more.
The crowd roared as the fight ensued.
Johnny looked for Ted and noticed him try to land a surprise attack. Johnny sidestepped and wrapped his arm around him and dropped him on the ground, squeezing hard.
He whispered in Ted’s “Call them off, or I will just snap your neck here, now, in front of everyone.”
Ted flailed his arms about and tried to wrangle Johnny’s arm off, but it was useless. “Help me, you oafs!”
The two juggernauts came for him and Johnny.
Johnny squeezed harder. “Call. Them. Off.”
Ted waved his hand and was able to writhe the words to stop.
“That’s a good boy…Ted,” whispered Johnny. “Now, I know what you did to Jerry. I know who you really are.” The captive boy’s eyes widened. “And I am going to kill you. Maybe not today but it will be soon. You took my friend’s life and possibly others. It’s only fitting that I take yours.” His grip got harder and harder, and the boy was starting to pass out. “Now then, you’re going to black out. You’ll wake up and probably be pissed off…just know that this was me being my most merciful. Understand?”
Ted grunted, “Uh huh.”
Shortly after that, Ted was out cold. His two lackeys looked at one another then at Johnny. He stared a hole deep into each one of them. The crowd erupted in cheer for the underdog that was Johnny.
“You’re done associating yourselves with the likes of him. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go far away,” said Johnny.
The two nodded in unison, turned around, and left his sight.
Johnny sighed. Not exactly how I wanted things to go down on the first day back, but there is work to be done.


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