The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Pace is the Trick [Part 3]

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The Bear God admired the merc’s tenacity, “What do you boys say we give him a little extra oomph?”
The others looked puzzled. “What?” Ben asked.
“Just put your hands on me and you’ll see,” the Bear God snarled.
“That sounds like a sexual proposition if I’ve ever heard of one,” said Rubricon.
The Bear God Grinned, “That’s why I have a son, nailed your sister plenty of times, and well, I can go on…”
Rubricon sighed as he placed a hand on the magnificent bastard, “Fair enough.”
The others placed a hand on the Bear God. They could all feel a slight jolt as some of their energy left their body, as it was transferred to the Mighty Bear God. “Now, let’s hope this works.”
“What?” they all questioned in unison.
A kaleidoscopic beam of energy rushed for Rico, sending him in a burning rush for Sandman—a shooting star that burned brilliantly on the battlefield, a fire of righteousness. Rico cried out for vengeance as he swung and connected a fist to the shadowy figure’s face, knocking its hood off. The specter of Death was there, filled with demonic energies and the souls of who knows who. Rico stabbed the skeleton’s lower jaw, and then through the top portion of its skull. Sandman was taken totally surprised, and it showed. Rico then took its scythe and swung down, cutting through who they had come to known as Sandman. A bright light emanated from the split halves before erupting into a blinding explosion that sent everyone around tumbling on the ground.
The souls of the freed shrieked with relief as they poured into the night sky towards the starry heavens.
“I have to say, as impressive as that was…that was pretty weak,” Ben said. “I much rather have just absorbed his powers.”
The Bear God and others rolled their eyes.
Sin walked over to the motionless Deathclaw. “Are you alright?”
The mechanical whirls and gears slowed down. There wasn’t much time left for the beast.
Rico approached the Bear God and DC 009’s side. “As much as I’d love for you all to have a warm and touching reunion or whatever, we kind of have a problem.”
“Let me see what I can do…” said the Bear God.
Sin closed his eyes, “Maker, can you do something about them?”
What? Am I just all of a sudden something, someone important now? Some kind of genie? Yes, master. Right away, master. What is your wish, master?
Sin sighed. “No need to be pretentious, dick. Can you help them or no?”
I can. I think you mean to say will I help them. To which I suppose I can.
“Well, can you do it now? Plus, the Deathclaw here.” The Bear God snapped back.
A voice projected from within DC 009. “I think you’ve interfered enough, Bear God. Now watch him perish!”
There was a beeping sound, similar to when Cid exploded. Everyone scattered and were sent flying across the dirt again as DC 009 exploded.
The Toymaker came back on the Pip-boys again, “Oops, silly me. Apparently, DC 009’s safety protocol works just fine. Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen. You’re next!”

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