The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Pace is the Trick [Part 2]

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Rico watched as the Bear God and his comrades attempted to lay a hit on Sandman. He was in awe that even with the speed that struck DC 009, they could practically keep up with the lab creation.
“What should we do?” asked Caboose. “They’re no friends of ours. We could easily take the Deathclaw and book it to the base.”
Rico nodded, “we could.” He had a gnawing pit feeling in his gut. “Though, I don’t like how Sandman’s turned on us.”
“He hasn’t exactly turned on us…I mean, they’re keeping him occupied,” said Caboose.
Then, Sandman teleported over to Caboose and grabbed him by the throat. “Fuel for the war machine! FUEL FOR ME!”
“What the hell!” shrieked Caboose, as he was then hoisted into the air and his soul sucked from his body, reducing his remains to ash.
“Your souls will be mine,” yelled Sandman, as he then let loose a maniacal laugh that echoed across the fields.
Rico and the other SS members all launched an attack against Sandman.
Rico yelled to the other members, “Someone try to get ahold of Toymaker and tell him that his shit creation has gone rogue!”
“Gone rogue? Dear Rico…this was the plan the whole time!” the Toymaker said over the SS’s Pip-boys.
“What?! What the hell is wrong with you, you crazy son of a bitch!?” Rico screamed over the communicator.
“Well, what do you expect from a villain, I mean honestly. Honor among thieves?” The Toymaker then let loose a maniacal laugh that echoed all over the Pip-boys.
“I swear, when I get my hands on you, I’ll tear your throat out!”
The Toymaker’s voice returned to his normal low tone. “Ah, ah, temper, temper, Rico, my boy! Your lives were always in my hands, to begin with! All I have to do is flip a switch and—“
There was a beeping noise, followed by an explosion. Cid had exploded into a million pieces.
“Boom! Goes the dynamite!” The Toymaker cackled. “Soon, your heads will be popping all over the Wasteland.”
Rico stared on in horror. They were doomed, to begin with, regardless of the outcome. He fell to his knees. Helpless. Powerless.
A lunatic creation made by a mad man was slaughtering his team, and the man responsible was going to kill him next.
“Thanks for all the fun times, Rico my boy! Adios!” The Toymaker said before laughing one more time, the signal going dead.
“So that’s it? That’s how it’s gonna be?” Rico stared at the bloodied dirt.
Haley, the Twins, Blitzkrieg were all that remained of his team. Soon they’d start dropping.
“If we’re gonna go out, we’re doing it on our terms! Give him hell!” Rico dropped his gun and got up to his feet. He drew his knife and made a dash for Sandman.
“That’s it, get the blood pumping. Your souls will taste so much sweeter,” said Sandman.
“He’s mine!” Rico yelled.
“A brave gesture from a pathetic fool,” said Sandman as he reached out to the shadows and drew his scythe. “I’ll make an example out of you.”

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