The Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Pace is the Trick [Part 1]

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The Bear God started stretching, “Final warning.”
Again no one moved.
“Alright, suit yourselves,” said the Bear God.
“Look, man…bear…whatever the hell you are, you’re not our priority. Alright? We just wanna take tin can here back so we can save our hides. That’s it,” said Rico.
Sin gave a proposition in return. “Oh? Then perhaps you can give me something in return.”
Rico threw his hands up, “what?”
“Names. Places,” the Bear God replied hastily.
Rico scratched his brow. “Then you’ll give us rust bucket?”
“Depending on your answers, sure, why not,” replied the Bear God.
Rico sighed. “Alright, ask away then.”
The Bear God then began drilling Rico for questions. “Who made him?” he pointed at the mechanical Deathclaw, “Who blew up my settlement? Who is the Anti-Bear God?”
Rico shook his head, “That’s an awful lot of questions you got there, bub. I’ll answer what I can…”
Rico paused and then started to let loose the answers the Bear God sought. “The Toymaker, probably the ABG, and I haven’t the slightest clue. Just that they’re hellbent on destroying you.”
Sin growled at the responses, apparently nothing he had hoped for.
Rico motioned towards Dc 009. “Now then, I think that completes our little negotiations here…”
“Not so fast,” said the Bear God, “there was a part, in that agreement specified if your answers satisfied my questions…which they did not.”
Rico gritted his teeth. “I don’t have time for this.”
“I can answer all your questions, Bear God,” said DC 009, “but I will not go with them.”
The Bear God nodded. “Alright then, you’re in good care with me.”
Sandman struck from afar, unbeknownst to the Bear God, let alone anyone else. He was simply too fast to register. In a nanosecond, DC 009 was sent flying across the wasteland, with the others blown every which way.
“You will not give out any further information. Any of you. I will see you all destroyed,” said the empowered Sandman, with his eyes raging with a burning inferno.
Rico slowly got to his feet. “Sandman, what the hell is wrong with you!?”
Sandman grinned wickedly, “Those who disobey and get in the way must be destroyed.”
Rico attempted to reach the Toymaker via Pip-boy. A garbled message only played back. “Dammit!”
The mechanical Deathclaw laid motionless on its back, its sensors and other parts damaged by the extreme use of brute force that was unleashed upon him. Nearby, the Bear God slowly got back up on his feet, having his Bear form knocked out of him.
“I did not see that coming,” said Sin as he rubbed his head.
In an instant, he transformed back into his magnificent form and headed into the battle with Sandman, with his comrades in tow.
From afar, Rubricon launched volleys of arcane, frost, and fire magics, while Dante, Kronam, and Ben all struck wildly at the ever-elusive being.
“What the hell is this thing?” Dante grunted as his attacks swung through the air.
“He fights with the ferocity of a war demon!” cried Kronam.
“Try locking him down,” Rubricon yelled.


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