Incoming Barrage…

Evening, folks.
So all the lovely posts are done and what have you. I just wanted to warn you, though, that some are broken up into several parts due to length. I believe the only exception was Johnny Nightwalker because of how it was done. I probably could have broken it up but eh, I rather like how it turned out.
So, what is coming out you may ask? New posts for The Diary of the Wasteland Bear GodJohnny Nightwalker, and The Chronicles of Bob: The Chronic Suicidal. As a note, Bob’s story is going to be coming to a close soon. Most likely it will take place this fall. I have other stories that will be coming and also Lilah’s Guide to Hoyle will be released this Fall as well. To which, I am pleased to share with folks.
That about does it! I wish you all to enjoy Friday and the weekend.

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