Posts From Sammy: A Sheepish Example

Ye olde Sammy

While I am compiling updates for some things around here, I got a message from Sammy about a little thing he wanted to post. So, without further delay here is his latest post.

I know you tried to do the best you could do. However, I have to say that you have failed. Terribly. You neglected to do more than you could have. You simply rolled over and accepted your fate, instead of defying it. Your sad example is now to be remembered only noted as another pitiful statistic. Congratulations, sheep.

POSTS FROM SAMMY IS AN ONGOING PHONE TEXT FLASH FICTION SERIES BY ROBERT J. S. T. MCCARTNEY AT A.B.NORMAL PUBLISHING. SINCE ITS INCEPTION, IT HAS surfed the sands around the world, found the Cloverfield monster under the sea, gone back in time and learned of the missing link, and has done over 1,000,001 keg stands, and consumed ten quintillion pounds of nachos. Mmm, nachos.

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