Some R and R…

Salutations, folks.
I know I’d be posting a lovely update (or rather, updates) for the Bear God, Bob, and Johnny tonight. However, after the brief driving trip and how strenuous (and…not good) it turned out to be, I am going to take the weekend off. Live a little. Enjoy the little things, you know?
TL;DR version, massive energy drink consumption is bad. The side effects are real and it is some scary shit. It was an enlightening experience. Learning from your mistakes is just one of the many things about life.
So what does that mean? No posts tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday. I’ll also save face and not do my weekly update for next week since you know…it’d be cheating.
This also means that I will be posting a lengthy post for the next updates…or I’ll break them up and post them throughout the week. Much choices. Such decisions. Wow! Needless to say, I am a bit bummed but I have all the stuff written out (there have been outlines done).
I also have some things that are coming to the web pages too. So, to everyone I wish a great weekend, enjoy it, enjoy your company of others, and cheer up buttercup. Adjust your nuts, your boobs, whatever. It’s-a vacation time!
Go ahead. Read that last line in Mario’s voice.

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