Diary of the Wasteland Bear God: Attitude

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“Give up, DC 009! It’s over!” Ricochet yelled as he motioned the SS to circle the cornered mechanical Deathclaw.
“My name is Percival,” the beast shouted, “and I will not be taken so easily!”
“No matter where you go, what you do, you’re bound to the will of the Toymaster,” said Ricochet.
“I am bound to no man, and certainly not him. I will fight until I die; death would be a more welcoming ending than going back to that madman,” the monstrous Deathclaw said as he calculated hs final attack.
Rico sighed, “Alright, let’s take him out.”
The members of the SS all readied their weapons to eliminate the threat. DC 009 stood with a grin as they fired their last onslaught.
A rain of heavy concentrated fire focused where DC 009 stood. Rico called out for a cease-fire. Much to their surprise, the mechanical beast was still there, unscathed.
“It’s my turn now,” said DC 009.
In a blur of excellence and perfection, the beast began charging and viciously assaulting the squad. The Twins separated to try and contain the beast but were tossed like rag dolls. Blitzkrieg rushed in and was thrown down and crushed into the ground, leaving a sizeable crater. Caboose came charging in but was backhanded, sent flying into the air. DC 009 fired several rockets and lasers that made contact with the blue power armored unit. Cid leaped through the air and saved his damaged comrade, with a heap of metal falling to the ground. ‘Sniper Coyote’ fired several shots to try and disable the mechanical whirlwind of vengeance, but her shots were ineffective. Rico tried to pinpoint weaknesses but found all strikes were useless. ‘Sniper Coyote’ tried again, this time in close quarters, but was sent crashing into Rico, leaving her unconscious on the field. Sandman observed…waiting.
“Sandman, are you gonna do anything? Because now would be a good fucking time!” Rico yelled as he injected a Stimpak.
“He is not the one to be concerned of,” said Sandman.
“What? How can you say that when we’re getting our asses handed to us?” Rico criticized.
“He is inferior to him. Wait. See.” Sandman’s eyes glowed fiercly as they watched the battle unfold.
Rico growled. “God damn pansy asshole. You’re really useless; you know that?!”
Rico reached his feet and injected a concoction of chems into his neck.
“Ohhhh yeah! It’s time for you to get fucked up,” he yelled.
Rico rushed DC 009 and began firing a series of rapid shots in succession. He dodged every attack that 009 made effortlessly. He pinpointed a few sensors on 009 and aimed using V.A.T.S. After several shots and criticals, 009 fell to the ground.
“Nice shootin’, Boss,” said Caboose.
The SS all approached the defeated DC 009. “You fight for what? There’s no honor among you. You fight for a madman and a god that would undo everything, everything we have left.” DC 009 struggled to his feet. “You are all slaves…”
“We have no choice,” said Rico.
“There is always a choice,” 009 yelled.
Rico sighed. “This just happens to be ours…friend.”


Not far off, the Bear God ran frantically towards the battle with the others in tow. He began transforming into his monstrous, prestigious bear form. He let loose a vicious thundering roar that rolled across the Wasteland.
All heads turned at the monstrosity that leaped through the air. Before them stood the magnificence that was…the Wasteland Bear God.
The Bear God stared at the SS and the barely standing Deathclaw. “I am going to say this once and only once. Leave or stand down, and your lives will be spared. Otherwise, I will rock your socks off so fucking hard.”
No one moved.
The Bear God sighed, “Alright.” He cracked his neck, “I guess it’s time to get sexy.”


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